Wednesday, 13 January 2010


I know it has been a while since i last updated this blog. Life has been so busy lately. YEah, work's life. Now i know why bucuk hates Monday so much. haha ;p

As you all know, currently i'm teaching English for Year 2,5, and 6 in Sek Keb Felcra Sungai Ara, Kota Tinggi Johor. AND music year 4 (LOL ;p) Here's my jobs at this school:-

1. Guru Kelas Yr 6
2. English teacher Yr 2,5 & 6
3. Music teacher yr 4
4. Setiausaha Jawatankuasa Kantin
5.Setiausaha Rumah Hijau
6. Penyelaras bilik PPSMI
7. KEtua Panitia English
8. AJK HEadcount
9. AJK Nilam
10. AJK motivasi UPSR
11. PEnyelaras PBS
12. Guru penasihat KRS
13. Guru Penasihat Language club
14. Guru Penasihat kelab Badminton


haha. for those who complaint that have soo many extra works at school, do look at mine. Is there any similarities? :)

Even though it's not easy, but i should take this as a challenge for myself. Indeed, we can learn lots of things by accepting these responsibilities. People gave you lots of works because they trust you (or bcoz they simply lazy ;p) But yeah, i do scared of the expectations this school put on me.

Somebody told me last night that "Great people comes great responsibilities"
(someone 2010) i just hope that i can be what they want me to be. I will try my very best to give all that i have. I hope people around me will give me the supports and comfort that i need when i most need them, especially all of my friends. I really need you all to be there for me.. .

some facts:-
-school's small, 130 students, 21 teachers
-students are at average level
-school got computer lab & wi-fi :)
-school & house 30 mins from town

oh btw, mke bdak pkai bju kuning ni
ade iras2 mytoo!! suare pn same.hheee ;p

mat jek ;p

psst:// honesty is the best policy. I hope i didn't break someone's heart again this week :(

Friday, 8 January 2010



If i didn't tell you i miss you, doesn't mean that i don't ...

If i didn't reply back i love you, doesn't meant that i don't ...

What more important is that you & i both know how we felt...




Zaharul AshriQ,

i miss you!!!!