Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Selamat Pengantin Baru kak syida! =)

oho..rindunye nk tulis blog!! tenet kt umah slow skit la..hu..Frankly speaking, i haven't had enough time to get enough rest yet since i arrived in Malaysia. ho..the first 2days i spent my time cleaning up my closet n room..basuh sume bju2 kurung i dlm almari yg da 2 taun x berusik (i think) haha..fuh..then 3rd day which is last wednesday my family and i went back to our hometown in PEnang and then on Friday we headed straight to Kota Bharu, Kelantan for my cousin's wedding..i called her kak syida..she married a KElantanese yes..hhoho..in my family we can count how many are from KElantan..my mak long is from there..that's all i think.haha..

The Kelantanese drivers...adoi..ske menyelit!! geram i. if u r not an expert drivers plis don't go t0 KElantan i warn u! haha..luckily it's not me who drive d car. haha.. and d surau..sorry to say this but they're filthy..d last time we went there (surau tepi pasar besar siti khadijah) there was this 'cat shit' dlm surau itu okey.hu..don't get me wrong, there's a lot of people coming to pray there and its good. but i think they need more maintainance of dat place. the surau looks abandon and not cleaned..i think if they keep the surau clean it will be better isn't it? tmpat solat kan =)

yeah, back to d kenduri story. haha..this time the whole lot of Tok Su or my grandmom on my dad's side are coming down to KElantan. maybe because d reception was held in kelantan and not Penang like usual and haven't been to KElantan yet, most of them decided to come! From my mom's tok lang until my grandmom's cicit dtg okey..haha..so ble jalan2 kat area town kelantan tu sure tserempak ngn sdare mare which some i dunno who. ;p (don't blame me i only went back to my hometown once a year.twice if lucky ;p) hooho..then we all convoy rmai2 g umah kawen tu..hr tu ktorg g 4cars..the other 14 have already waited for us at the bride's house.. ;) these are some of d photos taken from my dad's cmera..due to some unseen circumstances, im not able to upload d photos taken from my camera yet. so ini ckup la eh.kalo rjen maybe later i'll upload more ok =)

convoy 4 cars nk g umah pengantin.hoho

t: my maksu, makcik, paksu, tok belah ayah, bdak kecik dpn tu my cousin nurul huda, then tok belah mak, me, n my mom

yg tgh suap mkn tu my uncle with his first son.at d back in green bj melayu is my Pak Long or ayah kepde pngntin prempuan =)

rombongan pngantin lelaki arrived 2 hours late then stated time.haha..b,u smpai lmbat nnti siap u.haha

pengantin lelaki, shukri

rombongan pihak lelaki

selamat pengantin baru kak syida n abg shukri!! :)

okey,dat's all for now! later i'll upload more eh! =)

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

it's good to be back home again

hehe..gmba ye..okeh later i'll put ok myra? =) actually just now i wanted to visit our 'beloved' IPBA but then we missed the lane and we end up sesat.last2 smpai batu caves da.hhahaha! lawak gel la. but we had fun tho ;) so far what i noticed is byk bangunan2 pencakar langit yg dibine menyebabkan kren appears everywhere and increase the earth's heat. heh..i haven't had a chance to meet my dear frens yet, maybe later after i got back from kelantan i'll catch up with u guys ya? ;) sume free ke nih? najia, fanna, hazie, nadiah, awie,sumelah. kamu bkerja kah wahai sahabat2ku sekalian? if not bleh arrange time.hhe..my fon no is 012- 2320661. save kawan2, save! hehe...rindunye ngn korang!!!

oh ye, sye kne prektis drive blk la...malaysian drivers are scary! there're lots of cars,honking and tke overs everywhere!!OMG, i hope i can survive! huhu...anyone can help me tidy up my room? it's a mess with lot of stuffs i dunno where to put. aha..ok, later i'll put up some photos ok.c ya guys! =)

Monday, 22 December 2008

honey, i'm home! =)

Hai semue! i da balik! =) hehe..tp nnti on d 24th i'll b away again to penang n kelantan.huhu..it felt nice to be home again..but somehow it felt awkward to have my tv again..to read the malay subtitles on screen,to see different kind of buildings and lamp posts (hehe ;p) and this warm weather in Malaysia just remind me of summer in Spain! hha..only that is warmer there is Spain.fuh.

A lot of things have changed..tbe2 there's this huge sky crappers behind my house and i don't know what els to be found after this.haha..later i'll write again ok.gotta finish some work first. And zarul, tenkiu baby for coming to the airport. you're so sweet! i love you! =)

Thursday, 18 December 2008

bye bye plymouth

I'm leaving Plymouth soon. Soon all of us Marjonians will follow our own path of life and choose our own circle of friends. Some might remain, some might not. whatever their decision is, hopefully our strong bond of friendship can't never be shattered by some small matters or jokes. I really enjoyed all the moments we had together, the joy and sadness, the thick and thin of life here in UK. We've been through everything together on our own, we fight and we make up, we cry and we laugh, we share and we compete, we've always been there for each other. The life here in UK has really makes me stronger, more independent,aware of my true self and about others. It teaches me the meaning of life, money, friendship, sacrifice, and love. I will try to always remember these things and i'll never forget what we had together. Here i wanted to apologize to everyone especially my friends if i ever did hurt your feelings directly or indirectly, by actions or by words, im really an imperfect human living on unexpected world. From the deepest of my heart, again, im really sorry and thank you for everything. Your presence has really light up my dull life and i really treasured the moment we had together. I hope you all won't forget me and if anyone is planning to get married or something, do let me kno. i wanna come! :) I love you all. Cheers~

Wednesday, 17 December 2008


Terasa malas sekali mahu mengupdate blog. hu

Saturday, 13 December 2008


Sorry guys, i have to rebuilt my laptop today.So i've got no internet for couple of days. Bare with me.haha. n do inform me anything via sms ok! :)

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

sick on raya haji

5.30pm in Plymouth

Christmas tree

Last sunday muna n i went to the Plymouth city centre for our second last shopping. Plymouth is getting freezing cold nowadays! Here's d photo taken when it was 5.30pm.yep, it's already dark in here. Monday which is our Raya Haji we celebrated it here, we went to the Solat Raya, then ate some nasi impit with kuah kcang n my lunch was laksa penang. All cooked by kak wani.hhehe.... ;p n on d nite we supposed to be working at Royal Mail, but i fell sick n can't make it to work. So i gulped down 2panadol actifast at 4.30pm n woke up at 9pm to discover that im feeling better. Then i filled in my empty stomach n did my laundry n then i play Pet Society in fb. hehe..(k.eni, i da reti mandi i now rumah i da besa! :D) ngee....yep, i've got nothing else to do except work, eat, sleep.all are doing verbs.haha ;p oh..my money is getting smaller in number T_T

Monday, 8 December 2008

Maaf Zahir Batin

Ketupat...rendang..bestnye...isk..nk jugak makan.. T_T xpelah.sye keje malam raye ni..hu..kamu semau makan jgn lupe sye ok! :)

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha sume!! :) Maafkan salah silap hani selame ini yer..baik yg zahir mau pun batin, terkasar bahasa, terkasar perbuatan, terlanjur kata, sume2 lah! Mintak maap ye..kalo hani ade hutang sesape bgtau eh..kut2 hani tlupe..tau...okey..sye syang kamu semua! :)

Saturday, 6 December 2008

turning into a nocturnal

alhamdulillah, final assignment da submit.So now everything's goes back to normal.err..a bit abnormal coz most of us here have turned into night creatures working at Royal Mail.haha..i think that explains why u guys can't see me online anymore except 12pm mesia onwards ;p

Best ke keje? well, it's a bit tiring coz we have to stand through the 8hours..uh hu..preparation for us to become English teachers ;p anyway, it's still cold n raining here in Plymouth.Other parts of the England are already snowing but here..raining and windy all d time~ phew. enough babbling.


Thursday, 4 December 2008

adorable babies

ahhaha!! this is just so funny!!! cute la these babies~ cian die jatuh2 yer..hehe ;p

nakal ni.tula spe suh ltak jari tu..hikhik

hahha..talking how honest children can be~ ;p

farewell dinner

Terima kasih semua~
You guys will always be in my memories..
More photos in my facebook. Malas nk uplod cni.haha ;p

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

something is missing

something's missing..
Everything's done..
Everything's gone through..
But still, i can feel the emptiness in my heart..
There's something missing..
Which i dunno what..
A heart without soul?
Or so it may called..
Words are left unspoken..
Action are left undone..
At the end all that left is dissatisfaction..
And blames to ourselves for being such a coward..
Sorry for being such a coward..
I just don't have the guts to tell u d truth..

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Vampire Knight

Okay guys, this anime has been my sole passion these days. i just fell in love with d characters n storyline!!!

Im falling in love with kaname-sama n kiryuu-zero!! kacak banget!!i wanna b yuuki too! :p wanna watch too? click here

yep, u have to watch vampire knight first, and then campire knight guilty to get the whole picture.

Vampire Knight.That's it. a story of pureblooded prince n princess vampire n vampire hunter..OMG..besh! besh! besh!!! (finally i've found something which can replace my conan ;p)