Saturday, 6 December 2008

turning into a nocturnal

alhamdulillah, final assignment da submit.So now everything's goes back to normal.err..a bit abnormal coz most of us here have turned into night creatures working at Royal Mail.haha..i think that explains why u guys can't see me online anymore except 12pm mesia onwards ;p

Best ke keje? well, it's a bit tiring coz we have to stand through the 8hours..uh hu..preparation for us to become English teachers ;p anyway, it's still cold n raining here in Plymouth.Other parts of the England are already snowing but here..raining and windy all d time~ phew. enough babbling.



SoFie NuR said...

Insyaallah everything will be ok..

Salam aidiladha..

Najia said...

i like this theme better hani, yg previous one was a bit complicated ;-) anyways, i've always wanted to work at a post office. mcm cool! so u sort out the letters ke?