Thursday, 31 December 2009

Her Morning Elegance

oowwww..... this is so sweet~

B, bye2, nnti if i miss you nnti syg tdo jdik cmnih. hehhe..awesomeness!! :)

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Pound cake

As requested by Najia:-

Pound cake


220gm superfine flour (preferably bluekey brand)
220gm castor sugar
220gm butter
4 big eggs (6 if they're small)
2 tsp baking powder
2 tsp vanilla essence
4 tbsp susu pekat

choc bar
2 pots - 1 is bigger than the other
How to?
1) Set the heat for your oven for about 15 mins.
2) Mix butter + sugar together in the mixing bowl. Mix until fluffy. Yeah, use your mixer :)
3) Mix flour + baking powder together. Sieve to light. Put aside.
4) Then when the butter mixture is fluffy enough (i.e u can't see d sugar nymore), + eggs one by one.
5) Mix again until the mixture kembang.
6) + flour and susu pekat alternately.
7) Lastly, pour in the vanilla essence.
8) Line your baking pan with some butter and pour the mixture in.
9) Bake your cake for about 30mins in both upper and lower heat at temperature level 4.
10) Check whether your cake is fully bake by poking it with some lidi sate.haha..if it didn't stick to the stick, your cake is done! :) if not, let it bake for about 5mins more ;)

1) Use the double boiler style.
2) Fill in the small pot with some water and heat it on your stove. Put the bigger pot on top of the small pot. (tips: don't let the steam/water from the small pot to get into the big pot or else your choc will b frozen)
3)then, chuck ur choc inside the bigger pot on top, wait for it to melt. done!!
4)Spread the choc on ur cake and let it cool in the fridge for a few minutes :)

Monday, 28 December 2009

Mushroom soup + ayam goreng tepung hunny! :)

Mushroom Soup
Bahan2nye: -

a few shallots -hiris
a few garlics - hiris
2cm ginger -hiris
2 cubes of chicken stock (depends on how big ur pot is)
1 carrot - cut to dice
2 potatoes - cut to small
200gm oyster mushroom (depends on u)
1 liter of water (depends on ur pot's size)
some oil

the bawangs2 ngn vege. oh i ptong 8 je potatoes tuh.
malas nk cut into dice. hancur potato i.haha

oyster mushroom

Okay, bahan laen boleh imagine sndri kan? if not text me.haha ;p

how to?
1) Put some oil into the pot n fry the all hirisan until yellow.
2) Pour some water (according to how much you want) into the pot.
3) Let it boil for a while, then + the carrot and potatoes. Boil to cook.
4) + the chicken stock. let boil for a while.
5) Lastly when the carrot and potatoes da empuk, u can put ur mushroom in.
6) U can add more vege if u would like to. no harm.
7) Ready to serve! :)

Ayam goreng tepung hunny!

chickens!! - cut as big/small as u like. (i prefer it big so that makan sorg seketul ckup. haha ;p)
some corn flour
some plain flour
some multi-purpose flour
some salt
2 eggs
some oil to fry

how to?
Wash the chickens n toss it. Put aside.
2) Stirr the eggs in a bowl until fluffy.
3) Mix all the flour + salt in a different bowl.
4) Put your wok on the stove and heat some oil in it.
5)) Take ur chicken, dip it into the stirred eggs, then roll them onto the flour.
6) When the oil is hot enough, toss ( i mean put it gently ;p) ur chicken into the wok n fry untill golden yellow.
7) Repeat with other chickens.
8) Done! :)


ta daa~~ haha..lawak gel. senang je kot nk masak nieh. tp xpe, sje je nk post jgak coz da lme x men masak2. ;p

oh, kelihatan ayam sdikit hangus d ctu kerana msk
kedua2 lauk serentak. so kurang perhatian
tp xpe, sdap! :)

Extra menu:-
haha..tbe2 ade extra menu ;p

Gulai ikan keli
some catfishes (up to u how many. i use 6 kot hr tu coz my famly is big) - cut into 2 or 3 pieces
some shallots+garlics+ginger = blend together
7 shallots - hiris
5 garlics- hiris
1 table spoon halba campur
1 cucumber- cut into thick, long shape
3 tgkai daun kari
1 table spoon tamarind paste
5 table spoon of fish curry powder
1 table spoon of chilly powder
coconut milk -1 bji ckup ;p
some oil
some salt

how to?
1) Mix the fish curry powder + chilly powder together with some water in a bowl. Put aside.
2) Put 1 pot on the stove and heat some oil in it.
3) Then fry the blended bawangs until yellow.
4) + daun kari and halba cmpur.
5) Stir for a while.
6) + the curry powder paste into the pot.
7) Let it cooked until 'pecah minyak' (guna api perlahan. usually it will takes around 10 mins or more ;p)
8) Next, bila da pecah minyak, + the cucumber in. stirr it for a while.
9) Then, + some water and bawangs yg dihiris into the pot, stirr it, and let boil.
10) + tamarind paste and catfishes.
11) Let it cooked. Don't stirr to much or u will destroy ur fishes (haha!! ;p)
12) Add some salt to taste n ready to serve! :)

Sorry no pixs, tlupe nk tgkap. lol ;p

Saturday, 26 December 2009


ashriq: hani iryani
can u be my love
till de day i die
im sori 4 everythng
i wont let it be once again
n im sori if u hurt
i didnt mean 2
if u cant
then i'll accept it
i deserve it

Alhamdulillah.. one of my prayers has been answered :)

I pray that this happiness will last forever..


TQ my Lord..

Friday, 25 December 2009



I don't know whether I can live without you or not ...

Even if I can, I know my life would not be the same ...

Without you by my side ...

I think my world just collapsed ... empty ...

For I love you with all my heart ...

Forever and always ...

And one thing for sure ...

No one can replace your position in my heart ...

For it has been reserved for you for a very long time ...

It had been your place ... and I will keep it for you ...

Now and forever ...

Forgive me for all my wrongdoings ...

Forgive me for not being able to make you happy ...

And lastly, forgive me for not being able to forget you ...

Because my love for you is so deep it can't be explained ...

I will always love you ...

And I'll wait for you ...

Like you did to me ...

Thursday, 24 December 2009

something to ponder upon..

Kita pohon kekuatan,
Allah beri kita kesulitan untuk jadikan kita kuat..

Kita pohon keteguhan hati,
Allah beri masalah untuk diatasi..

Kita pohon keyakinan,
Allah beri ujian untuk memantapkan iman & jiwa..

Kadangkala kita tidak dapat apa yang kita ingini,
Namun, kita sentiasa dapat apa yang kita perlukan...

Friday, 18 December 2009

happy :)

Happy Birthday to my friends who are celebrating their birthdays this month, may God bless you always with health, wealth, and joy all your life. May Allah grant you with all the happiness and things you are craving for.
Happy Birthday to you wherever you are,
my friends

Also, congratulations to my friends who are getting engage or married, have a blessed life with your loved ones okeyh! :)