Tuesday, 22 July 2008


Alhamdulillah, i have managed to cover Cordoba, Sevilla, Madrid, and Granada which are all in Spain...after spending my first night of travelling sleeping at d airport (coz our flight early in d morn)..hu...take my advice my dear friends, DONT ever sleep at d airport if u have other options.hu..letih la..seb bek ade shower leh me take bathe before we took off to Spain d next day..hu...We're travelling by flight from London Gatwick to MAdrid, then we continue our trip by Eurorrail (by train). Everything went on smoothly but we just stayed at each places for a short moment. Almost like 'touch n go'. haha..why? becoz our train passes are only valid for 21days n we wanted to cover as much countries as we can! hihi...
But the journey was really2 hectic..n d weather! OMG, Spain and ITaly are very hot!! when we reached SPain, d weather was 39 degrees! Can u imagine that! It was lovely in UK with 17 degrees, suddenly we came to SPain and we were greeted by 39 degrees weather! haha...da la i byk bwk jacket la sweater la ape. i dunno what were i thinking when i was packing my clothes ;p there were lots to share n tell, but i don't have much time to share it here.maybe later i'll tell u guys when we meet face to face ok.hoho...but what i can say for now is i really enjoy travelling to other countries..meet lots of different people with their various cultures...n the experiences open up my eyes..n my heart...thank you Allah for giving me this chance...ok, gtg now, sye sgt rindu kamu sume..
you know you love me,

Sunday, 13 July 2008

adikku haikal

I've just talked to my mom on d phone just now. Hu..I was actually trying to be an obedient daughter, trying to call her and tell her dat im going to be away for 3weeks. hihi..and she told me that she don't know what to do with my last bro, Haikal. He's soooo into video gaming that games have become his life since morn till dawn. Believe me or not, he can not eat and didn't even bother to go out of my home when he has these games in his hands. oh hu...my mom said she just got Haikal's Report Card a few weeks ago n his result is..OMG, truk bena! Xpenah2 lg la adik bradikku dpt seteruk itu. If i were home mmg nk kene brainwash btol la bdak sorang nieh. Saba je la. My mom said she didn't know what more to do with him. Some of my conversation with mom:-

Mom: 'mak xtaula nk watpe lg ngn haikal tu. Nak anta g tusyen die xnak. Nak aja die xnak. Nk pggil ckgu dtg umah aja lg la die xnak'
Me : Eh, pastu die watpe je kt umah? Xkan bia je die men game dr pagi smpai malam?
Mom: Iye, die duk men game je bdak tu. Result da la trok. PMR lg sebulan stengah satu ape pon die xstat
study lg. Pastu pagi2 gelap2 lg da kne anta die kt stesen lrt nk g skola. ptg2 kul 5.30 cmtu die kol la suh
Me : Ish, pastu nape amek gak die? Wat penat je g anta amek. Pasni xpayah da anta die,suh die pegi sendri
je...wat abes duet je... (
mahal okey ulang alik nek lrt g skola die tu.da la jauh.dlu elok2 duk asrama nk kua plak)
Mom: Hu...*speechless*

Haha...ye..antaranye la..haha..mmg im quite direct je ble da gram. I dunno wat to say to my mom la when she told me haikal's result. When i asked her 'pastu mak watpe?' She just said.. 'Nak buat ape? xtau la nk wat ape.xkan nk marah kot? xde gune kalo marah pon". adeii... hu..mmg xleh nak pakse kan bdak2 ni utk blaja? hm..Haikal is too much to be pampered kot. If it was me dlu da lame kne mara. aih. Hopefully he'll change 1 day nnti.. aminn..


:hunny bee:::

I'm going away for 3weeks to expand my mind and enrich my experiences of this world. Doesn't feel like going. Traveling means no rice for 3weeks, sleepless nights r expected, n misunderstanding would undeniably occurred, no matter how hard u try to avoid it. phew~

But hey, traveling would also means= shopping! enjoy! lotsa photos! bond d friendship string =) hu..Gonna miss everyone since i won't be able to log on to d internet for 3weeks and can't call my family n beloved frens.. T_T Anyway guys, if u miss me, do call me or text me ya! And d most vital thing, let me know..coz i forgets easily..yeah..forgetful me.ok, miss you, love you, muahx!


Saturday, 12 July 2008

a brave one?

Some of my conversation with doc:-

Doc: Did they put u to sleep when they did the needle aspiration?
Me : Nope. They just put something to get the area numb.
Doc: So u watch everything that is done?
Me : Yeah.
Doc: *with disbelief eyes and face* you are very brave! O girl, u r very brave didn't u?
Me : *shrugged* *smile*

hu...another episode of my appointment with doc Q.Q

Friday, 11 July 2008


Last week i went to see Marry Poppins musical theatre at Royal Theatre Plymouth. It was full house!! haha..packed gle dgn bdak2 skolahnye, pakcik, makcik, atok, nenek, semua golongan ada! What can i say bout the theatre is it was AWESOME!! i love d dancing parts lots (especially d chimney one) chim chim chimney chim chim! hehe...n d supecaligrafilisticexfialidocious part. yes. dat is d longest words dat i has ever heard.haha..can u imagine all the actors and actresses were singing dat word repeatedly and quickly?? yes, i took me a while just to memorize d word, what's more to speak it quickly.hahha ;p i can't wait to watch Beauty and d Beast theatre this October!! hehe.. they are from Birmingham.hehe..looking forward *wink*wink* =)

With kak wani..

haha..romantik sket dlm gelap ;p


You know you love me,

d people around me..

Just came back from City Centre teman afiq n k.yuni cari baju..ho...xske shopping ye pakcik..haha...afiq bought A LOT of clothes for his siblings n cousins etc2...haha..seorang abg yg bagos. "ini okey x?" " ha okey je.." "pilih la yg mane nak, okey je.." hahah...best sungguh kalo dpt abg cmnih! adeeiii..haha..anyway, tenkiu jmput dtg umah..sye nnti jemput lg yer..hoho.. =D

After accompany them to City Centre i went to Derriford Hospital (my current workplace) to visit my colleagues.. I worked on weekdays shift before but i've change to Weekend shift last 2weeks. Why? Simply becoz im tired working every evening, plus having to go to class the next morning..especially when u have LOTS of homework or assignments to finish..what more EXAM!! Gosh, i used to bring all my notes to my workplace and study after i've finished my work! Not to say there are plenty of times for me to do my revision, but knowing me, a bit perfectionist, i won't rest if i haven't done my work properly! haha! So..mmg penat la...what more my previous workplace was at OPD which stands for Outpatients Department and it was d BUSIEST department okey! Everyday lots of people would come to do check ups and i guess u can imagine how dirty the floors would be. Sometimes (especially on Wednesday), it would be d busiest day of d week. Doctors and nurses would finished their work at half past eight. I started at 6pm every weekdays. What can i do?? I cannot do my work when there are people around! So, after they have finished their work, i have to quickly clean the OPD area and mind you, my area is BIG. to empty the bins alone would take me about 1hour at my quickest pace. Yes. i don't lie. And since i work in the hospital, every single thing should be squeaky clean. no litter on the floor, no dust on the windowsills, no dust on the pictures hanging on d wall, no dust underneath the seats in d waiting area, d radiator should be clean, and etc2...GOSH. im alone have to maintain all these cleanliness in 4hours a day! And yes, d supervisor will come occasionally to check the level of cleanliness and give points! haha..very strict okey!

But i enjoyed my work very much. I've met lots of new friends from various races and cultures all around d world and they taught me the meaning of love, friendship, and care. Although i just know them in a period of short time, but i felt like i've known them for years..They are just..sincere...never once they judge me for who i am..where i came from..whether i'm a muslim or christian..they help me when im in need without asking for payback..they care for me like im their own family member...They have really touched my heart...And over time, our friendship bond..and become stronger each days..just now after 2 weeks haven't seen them, i went to visit them at my workplace. Actually i've promise Sashi (my colleague) that i will be coming there at 6o'clock, but i actually arrived there at half seven.. guess wat, sashi told me everyone (my friends i mean) were waiting for me at 6 o'clock by the OPD door!! i was OMG, rili?? haha..they rili miss me :) I went and greet and hugs juana, maria, wasita, manuella, and sashi.juana seemed she almost burst into cry when she saw me.oohh..dats so sweet...and maria keep asking everyone when will i come back..hu...we kept talking bout lots of things.haha..and silvester..yeah, a guy from Poland (i trained him before ;) ) was surprised i came and he smile like his face gonna split into two! hehe..yeah, we used to goofy around mse keje sme2 dlu. he used to strangle me and tickle me when i bullied him.haha..well, i can't help it. He's so tall mind u..more than 6feet i think.so always asked him to clean to tops while im doing the floors.haha..and sometimes when i watered the plants, i would accidentally spilled some water around the pots and i would asked him to wipe d water.hhe...he's so gentleman la..if he saw me holding d mop or hover, he will quickly grab it from me and do the cleaning himself. if he saw me carrying anything, he will grab it from me..woho..untung btol girlfren die..haha..da ade girlfren da..haha.. ;P

But unfortunately, i don't have their pictures..becoz i didnt bring my camera to work.haha..maybe someday i'll post their pictures here..they are great people..i love them! =) Till then, sye mengantok, mau rest.huhu..

You know you love me,

Wednesday, 9 July 2008


Is my life a glass full?
Or half full?
Or half empty?
What's d difference anyway?
I dunno why suddenly i felt so empty...

I need to find the answer,
Of why i was born in this world,
And what's my purpose in life?
I don't want to live like a robot anymore,
Wakes up and do d same routine day by day,
What will i gain?
Who will get d benefits?
Why am i doing what i'm doing?
I dunno
I need to find the reason why...

Give me courage God,
Please show me d right path,
Light me with ur Nur,
Save me from this blindness,
Reserve me a place in ur heaven...
But i know i didn't deserve it after all..

How people wish to be place in heaven when all their actions reflect the otherwise.

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

a peek into honey's world~

Strawberry Cake From Heaven is d name,
Made with love and care from a fren,
Started with a joke and a bit of quarrel,
Didn't expect i deserved this special cake,
But 45mins later he came to my house,
With a plate of strawberry cake greeting me,
Here, it's for you..
I was stunned with surprised and touched,
With his sincere apology and deep understanding,
When it was actually my faults all together,
He took it as his own and baked me a cake from heaven..
Thank you my friend, i will remember this day as a special one..

These are the various novels need to be read by me,
When there are free times and mood to do so,
I will definitely grab these book,
With a cup of tea and sitting down on my sofa,
Or a cup of hot chocolate while lying on my bed,
Waiting for my eyes to get sleepy,
I will grab these books and read them to myself...
As reading is one of the ways to escape from this world,
For me to enter into the world of realm and fantasy,
To imagine the place and time that i never know,
It is really soothing and help me to cope,
With the cruelness and hardships of this life..

Apart from novels i also read academic books,
Which can increase my knowledge and understanding,
About the real world that i live in,
And the reality in life,
Which would save me from keeps on dreaming,
About the unsure things and dreams of mine..

A closet full of gorgeous clothes and bags,
Is d dream of every women,
It keeps my happy and bright,
Even when it is raining outside! :)
If you wonder where my shoes are,
I would say i keep them in the store upstairs,
Not to hide them from anyone,
But just because i don't have any extra space!

Mirror mirror on the wall,
Who's the fairest among us all?
Of course you my queen honey,
You are the prettiest and sweetest among us all!!
;) ngee~

2 comfortable pillows and beautiful bedsheets,
Are the requirements for my only bed,
The place where my tired body rest,
And the place where my dreams were harnessed,
This is the bed of queen honey,
The sacred place of my own~

You know you love me,

Friday, 4 July 2008

something from d past...

I can't remember when was d last time I cried becoz i miss my family...ho..yeah, but then last night or was it last Wednesday night i dreamt of my family back there in Kuala Lumpur..I was wondering why...yeah, in dat dream, it was my dad's birthday and all of us are very excited coz we're gonna celebrate it at KLCC..maybe a day out. haha..then when everyone was busy getting ready, i woke up from my dream.Hm..i think i'm homesick...for d first tme? Maybe second time in my life here.hoho..I didn't cried last year during raya. I don't know why. All my friends here cried and i was like? Why do i have to cry? Maybe because its different here, we can't see our parents' faces when we ask for forgiveness from them, can't salam2 like last years'.. but hey, we are here, and our family are there. They wanted us to be successful and happy here, so why do i have to cry? Hahah..i know this is not a logistic thing to think, it's everything about emotional and relationship bounds kindda thing. I know..maybe im d kind who are a bit 'cold-hearted' and ego kot...

And yes, im not the kind who would tell my family everything..im more like d quite type..yeah..even with my family...and im more segan with my fmly than anyone else.haha..pelik eh? i pon plik why? Q.Q hoho...but yeah, after d dream, i looked at my family photograph and cried again..alone..haha..but after getting my shower i called home! hoho.. i never cried in front of them coz i never want them to worry bout me..even if i have problem or wat, i'll try to settle it myself and show them that i'm happy here..don't worry bout me.. =) i don't want to see them cry bcoz of me again..used to do dat tho unconciously...hu..n i regret it a lot...especially to my mom..so now i think it's time to pay back..what she's done to me all this while..hu..n along the way, i try to keep my eyes on my little sister n brothers so dat they won't repeat the same mistakes dat i've made..hu...

aa..im getting emotional here.guess i shoud change d topic before another tear drop out of my eyes =) i've just read my fren's blog and i like his quotation when he said 'ramai manusia skng ni cube amek alih tugas malaikat'. haha..wat he means by dat ayat is that humans nowadays like to judge others n labeled them from their own point of view...which is tugas menilai dan mencatat amalan manusia kan tugas malaikat...and who are we nk judge other people right? I agree with him indeed dat we should actually mirror ourselves first before we put blames n labels on others...have we done what we should to make them realize wat they have done? have we done our part? or we are just d kind who just watch wat they are doing n give labels to them? who..His entry did open up my eyes..becoz sometime me myself didn't realized that i've done dat...either way..aware or unaware..anyway, we're only humans...we can't be perfect but we can try to be one...ain't it right? till then, thanks for open up my eyes =)

you know you love me,