Tuesday, 8 July 2008

a peek into honey's world~

Strawberry Cake From Heaven is d name,
Made with love and care from a fren,
Started with a joke and a bit of quarrel,
Didn't expect i deserved this special cake,
But 45mins later he came to my house,
With a plate of strawberry cake greeting me,
Here, it's for you..
I was stunned with surprised and touched,
With his sincere apology and deep understanding,
When it was actually my faults all together,
He took it as his own and baked me a cake from heaven..
Thank you my friend, i will remember this day as a special one..

These are the various novels need to be read by me,
When there are free times and mood to do so,
I will definitely grab these book,
With a cup of tea and sitting down on my sofa,
Or a cup of hot chocolate while lying on my bed,
Waiting for my eyes to get sleepy,
I will grab these books and read them to myself...
As reading is one of the ways to escape from this world,
For me to enter into the world of realm and fantasy,
To imagine the place and time that i never know,
It is really soothing and help me to cope,
With the cruelness and hardships of this life..

Apart from novels i also read academic books,
Which can increase my knowledge and understanding,
About the real world that i live in,
And the reality in life,
Which would save me from keeps on dreaming,
About the unsure things and dreams of mine..

A closet full of gorgeous clothes and bags,
Is d dream of every women,
It keeps my happy and bright,
Even when it is raining outside! :)
If you wonder where my shoes are,
I would say i keep them in the store upstairs,
Not to hide them from anyone,
But just because i don't have any extra space!

Mirror mirror on the wall,
Who's the fairest among us all?
Of course you my queen honey,
You are the prettiest and sweetest among us all!!
;) ngee~

2 comfortable pillows and beautiful bedsheets,
Are the requirements for my only bed,
The place where my tired body rest,
And the place where my dreams were harnessed,
This is the bed of queen honey,
The sacred place of my own~

You know you love me,

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