Friday, 11 July 2008

d people around me..

Just came back from City Centre teman afiq n k.yuni cari baju..ho...xske shopping ye pakcik..haha...afiq bought A LOT of clothes for his siblings n cousins etc2...haha..seorang abg yg bagos. "ini okey x?" " ha okey je.." "pilih la yg mane nak, okey je.." sungguh kalo dpt abg cmnih! adeeiii..haha..anyway, tenkiu jmput dtg umah..sye nnti jemput lg yer..hoho.. =D

After accompany them to City Centre i went to Derriford Hospital (my current workplace) to visit my colleagues.. I worked on weekdays shift before but i've change to Weekend shift last 2weeks. Why? Simply becoz im tired working every evening, plus having to go to class the next morning..especially when u have LOTS of homework or assignments to finish..what more EXAM!! Gosh, i used to bring all my notes to my workplace and study after i've finished my work! Not to say there are plenty of times for me to do my revision, but knowing me, a bit perfectionist, i won't rest if i haven't done my work properly! haha! So..mmg penat la...what more my previous workplace was at OPD which stands for Outpatients Department and it was d BUSIEST department okey! Everyday lots of people would come to do check ups and i guess u can imagine how dirty the floors would be. Sometimes (especially on Wednesday), it would be d busiest day of d week. Doctors and nurses would finished their work at half past eight. I started at 6pm every weekdays. What can i do?? I cannot do my work when there are people around! So, after they have finished their work, i have to quickly clean the OPD area and mind you, my area is BIG. to empty the bins alone would take me about 1hour at my quickest pace. Yes. i don't lie. And since i work in the hospital, every single thing should be squeaky clean. no litter on the floor, no dust on the windowsills, no dust on the pictures hanging on d wall, no dust underneath the seats in d waiting area, d radiator should be clean, and etc2...GOSH. im alone have to maintain all these cleanliness in 4hours a day! And yes, d supervisor will come occasionally to check the level of cleanliness and give points! haha..very strict okey!

But i enjoyed my work very much. I've met lots of new friends from various races and cultures all around d world and they taught me the meaning of love, friendship, and care. Although i just know them in a period of short time, but i felt like i've known them for years..They are just..sincere...never once they judge me for who i am..where i came from..whether i'm a muslim or christian..they help me when im in need without asking for payback..they care for me like im their own family member...They have really touched my heart...And over time, our friendship bond..and become stronger each days..just now after 2 weeks haven't seen them, i went to visit them at my workplace. Actually i've promise Sashi (my colleague) that i will be coming there at 6o'clock, but i actually arrived there at half seven.. guess wat, sashi told me everyone (my friends i mean) were waiting for me at 6 o'clock by the OPD door!! i was OMG, rili?? haha..they rili miss me :) I went and greet and hugs juana, maria, wasita, manuella, and sashi.juana seemed she almost burst into cry when she saw me.oohh..dats so sweet...and maria keep asking everyone when will i come kept talking bout lots of things.haha..and silvester..yeah, a guy from Poland (i trained him before ;) ) was surprised i came and he smile like his face gonna split into two! hehe..yeah, we used to goofy around mse keje sme2 dlu. he used to strangle me and tickle me when i bullied him.haha..well, i can't help it. He's so tall mind u..more than 6feet i always asked him to clean to tops while im doing the floors.haha..and sometimes when i watered the plants, i would accidentally spilled some water around the pots and i would asked him to wipe d water.hhe...he's so gentleman la..if he saw me holding d mop or hover, he will quickly grab it from me and do the cleaning himself. if he saw me carrying anything, he will grab it from me..woho..untung btol girlfren die..haha..da ade girlfren da..haha.. ;P

But unfortunately, i don't have their pictures..becoz i didnt bring my camera to work.haha..maybe someday i'll post their pictures here..they are great people..i love them! =) Till then, sye mengantok, mau rest.huhu..

You know you love me,

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