Monday, 30 June 2008

Kehangatan Lantana

Kehangatan lantana? I bet lots of u guys must be wondering wat am i talking about yeah? hihi..It was actually a cerekarama that i've just watched. And yes, lots of u guys (espcially fanna n hazie) must be thinking 'sjak ble pulak la hani ni tgk cte melayu?' hahaha..kan? kan? ;P well, told ya! i have 6th sense! hihi...This cerekarama was not bad..quite touching actually..bout husband n wife...Juwita is d name of d wife..bekas ratu cantik 4taun beturut2..husband die adi putra..wife fasha sandha..hihi..nk tau cte ni ke tak, u all better watch it urself! kat utiub ada okeh! hihi..=D

you know you love me,

Saturday, 28 June 2008

low BP

sye br pas ini makan sgt byk.tom yam, tlur dadar, nasi, bubur jagung, coklats, donut, biscuits. oh.sye makan byk ble stress ok. sye br tawu sye low blood pressure. very wonder i always get tired and

till then,

Sunday, 22 June 2008

I'm a marble cake

You Are a Marble Cake

Eclectic, inventive, and peaceful.

You are never willing to accept what's "normal." You live to push the envelope.

You find it hard to make up your mind. You prefer to have everything you want, right away!

What Kind of Cake Are You?

hehe..i find that these are very true inded ;)

Till then, you know you love me,

Saturday, 21 June 2008

::in memories::

Scrolling and browsing through hazie's blog reminding me of my old school days... the sweet and bitter memories will always remain in my mind as i grown up to be an adult (d gorgeous ones ;P) and facing the unthinkable possibilities that are waiting in front of my i post some of the pictures which i like most and hold a thousand stories inside them..just by looking at these pictures makes me recalls back those sweet moments that we shared and sorrow..thick and thin of life..everything that we had gone through..together.. =)

i miss all my frens dearie a every and each of them has scattered around this world..most of us no longer study at in d same class..same school..and live at d same we used to..everyone has lead their own life..pursuing their own goals and hope in life.. all of us have changed...for d better and for worst..who still in contact with some of them but the rest remain unknown..we've lost contact through the passing of seconds and years..but no matter what happen, i'll never forget each and every one of them..becoz thay are special in their own ways and have a special place in my heart..I wish every one of my dear friends will get what they wish in life and is leading a happy, bright, and blissful life in the right way of Islam..
I miss kamu...all ;/

..kat kg baru..miss..

..rakan2 di ipba..
Romeo & Juliet classmates in ytb.. and my ipba's friends..

..farhana, mir, ida, hani, nadiah, hazie, n meha
my highschool's dearies..

..our reunion after 3years of leaving school..
one utama

..our gathering in KL Central..

..Alin, Hani, Cassey, and Hema..
my best friends during primary school

..Wani and me..
my forever best friend again in klcc..

..farhana, intan, n hani..
during our graduation day mrsm kt

..mrsm kt..
graduation day

All in all, there are too many pictures to be uploaded yet i can't upload them all..but remember, i'll always love n miss you all..maybe i didn't say it, but i want u to know that i really am..for me, kata2 cinta are not cheap to be often said everyday..and i'll only say them when i mean them...and now i say.. saye sayang teman2 saye..thank you for coming into my life and teach me the valuable meaning of friendship..let us together keep our friendship strong and flourish ok? =) i love u.

You know you love me,

suMmer saLE!! first i only tought of accompanying Sashi for shopping but it ends up of BOTH of us shopped! OMG! I've just spend about 70pounds for shopping online yesterday and today i've spend 50 pounds more! i can't help it.. Q.Q Here are d stuffs i bought today.The mickey's shirt is for my sister hana, and the rest are mine! =) hihi.. i love them la...woo..abes duet.isk.jgn request ape2 tau.sye kne save duet ni nk g travel.wuu T_T

Now i'm a bit annoyed with frenster as i've tried lots and lots of time and still failed to upload my new photos! ish geram btul! Till then,

You know you love me,

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

10 secrets revealed..

1] d most vital thing for me in my room is bed. My bed would be d first thing yg sye akan kemas if i walk into my bedroom.And yes, my favourite baju is baju tdo :)~
2] i hate people who are liar and not punctual. Please, are d truths really hard to tell? Ape gune beli jam mahal2 kalo x reti hargai mase? hu..
3] i keep a lot of secrets..haha..yes indeed.. :)~
4] i would always change into clothes which are about to be wash when i was cooking coz i don't like d smell of
d asap to be melekat to my baju after i cooked (especially if it was my sleeping dress!) :)~
5] i love yougurts especially Muller's and fruit juice i.e mango+passionfruit juice so much dat i can't live without them more than a week
6] sye kuat majuk and cepat lembut hati. haha..kamu kene pandai pujuk saye :)~
7] i like to do make-ups when i was bored.yes i mean in my room.haha.crazy me ;P
8] i can't sing and i hate acting
9] i pay NO respect to people who gives little concern to their responsibilities..
10] i need enough 8-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep at night if you want me to wake up cheerful and energetic enough for d next day. And yes, i seldom took a nap in d afternoon :)~

Till then,
you know you love me,

Wednesday, 11 June 2008


Since i last baked my castello cake, I did do some cookings and bakings..yeah with the 'S' at the end =) Namely they are Nasi Ayam, Fried Bihun, Baked Pasta, Sayur Labu Masak Lemak, Ayam KFC, and Banana Cupcakes. Hehe..sape kate hani x reti masak?? ;P But unfortunately there are no photos available as im too lazy to capture the photos and upload them in my laptop. hehe..tapi sdap tau! I've got some feedbacks from my frens.hoho..tgk la next time if rajen i'll upload some photos okey! =)

Oh yes, we had our Malaysian Festival on the 4th of June last week and it was fun!! (I can't say it's a blast as fewer people turn up for the night's event, but still, it was fun!) I especially like the Day Event where we invited some schools around Plymouth to join in with the activities where we played our traditional Malaysian Games and sold some Malaysian souvenirs and foods. The teachers and children really2 enjoy the day and the love the games! OUR Malaysian games! yes, there were Galah Panjang, Tuju Tin, Teng-teng, Congkak, Sepak Takraw, Kabaddi, and a lot more! And we also had this 'henna' session where the children can choose the design that they like and we'll paint it on their hands. Supposedly, each child should only get 1 painting, but they are very cheeky! They kept coming over and over again until their both hands covered with the paintings! And we realized that we have to be strict with them One means one. haha..Degil. mereka tunggu je dpan booth dgn muka one pence.saba je la.haha.Here some photos...But u can check more on my friendster ya! =)

henna painting

teng teng

1 cute guy
Till then,
you know you love me,

Friday, 6 June 2008

Silent Cry..

I bet everyone would have had their silent day cry right? The day when you would cry only to yourself and no one else but God is listening to your mumblings and grumblings.. and yes, we can't deny it..maybe some very fortunate people don't have to go through this silent cry day as they have a very bright happy go lucky personality, live in a very happy family, and among those faithful understanding friends who would support them through ups and downs in life. Lucky them i guess. I don't have all these, that's why i have my silent cry day..should i say days? yeah, i think days are more appropriate...

Why i have to bear all these things that i happened to me? Am i not strong enough yet?hm.. I dunno why..Only God can answers me.. Life is not always the land of milk and honey, i know that. But why can't i stay happy a bit more longer? Always, there's something will happen which would makes me sad..makes me stressed..confused..and makes me cry..and i don't have anyone to turn in sad..pity me eh? yeah.lucky you..It's not that i can't tell anyone about it, it's just that it is really2 hard for me to confess to anyone and it's even harder for me to trust people...because sometimes when i have laid my trust on that person, they will betray my's sucks you know..really painful..and it is even more painful when we trust that person but they can't trust us to confide in us...why? Am i that bad? I never tell people secrets to anyone..if they asked me to keep it as a secret i would try my best to do im not caring and loving enough to let people trust and confide in me.. don't blame me, i didn't get the chance to be loved and cared by others, how could i care and love others? they said learn, but from who? It makes me looks so bad if i stand side by side with them...

Some people tend to judge us from their own point of views, but have they ever think and see from OUR point of views? I guess it's very rare and only some of us did that...Because we're human and we like to think we are the best and everyone should follow us and our rules..didn't we? Maybe we didn't noticed that but it did happen yes..Please don't blame us for not being like you...the nicest person in the not like you coz i am not you..don't expect me to be like one becoz i can't..i don't know how and it's hard for me to learn it alone..
I'm really tired...yes i am..So long i have been waiting for someone who i can share my secrets with, my troubles with, my life with...yet i haven't found that person...we can't trust people 100% right? Those who did are stupid. Forgive me for my language, but if u think carefully u know what im saying is right. everyone have their dark side ain't they? But who knows, i only confide in the people that i trust..and those who would understands me...susah..sgt susah nk cari org those who did, you really have a special place in my heart..

I'm really tired. Hopefully i've got through this.well i hope. my test result will be out on this 16th June..hopefully everything is tired and scared of going to the hospital again..and alone..i don't have anyone remember? But don't worry bout me, i'll get through. i don't like to worry people about my problems..I like to see them is okay if im crying inside and have my silent cry days as long as people around me are will make me happy too.. im used to suffering crying again..oh no.should put a stop.da~

i hope i'm loved,