Saturday, 21 June 2008

suMmer saLE!! first i only tought of accompanying Sashi for shopping but it ends up of BOTH of us shopped! OMG! I've just spend about 70pounds for shopping online yesterday and today i've spend 50 pounds more! i can't help it.. Q.Q Here are d stuffs i bought today.The mickey's shirt is for my sister hana, and the rest are mine! =) hihi.. i love them la...woo..abes duet.isk.jgn request ape2 tau.sye kne save duet ni nk g travel.wuu T_T

Now i'm a bit annoyed with frenster as i've tried lots and lots of time and still failed to upload my new photos! ish geram btul! Till then,

You know you love me,


ainee said...

tapi takpe.
sini juga ada summer sale kat bodyshop.
agaknya kalo ade duit seribu, mau perabis beli barang masa summer sale. oh oh. ai miss plimot.

hunny said...

hihi..bob suh ckp ni->
"hahaha! ur time is it's time for me to shop n for u to see!!"
hehe...k.eni,hr tu i bli body shop online.over 25pounds dpt free gifts.dpt perfume, body butter, mascara, and mpisturiser.hehe..and yes, d cutest beg juge.sile2, tgk online.hehe ;P