Wednesday, 11 June 2008


Since i last baked my castello cake, I did do some cookings and bakings..yeah with the 'S' at the end =) Namely they are Nasi Ayam, Fried Bihun, Baked Pasta, Sayur Labu Masak Lemak, Ayam KFC, and Banana Cupcakes. Hehe..sape kate hani x reti masak?? ;P But unfortunately there are no photos available as im too lazy to capture the photos and upload them in my laptop. hehe..tapi sdap tau! I've got some feedbacks from my frens.hoho..tgk la next time if rajen i'll upload some photos okey! =)

Oh yes, we had our Malaysian Festival on the 4th of June last week and it was fun!! (I can't say it's a blast as fewer people turn up for the night's event, but still, it was fun!) I especially like the Day Event where we invited some schools around Plymouth to join in with the activities where we played our traditional Malaysian Games and sold some Malaysian souvenirs and foods. The teachers and children really2 enjoy the day and the love the games! OUR Malaysian games! yes, there were Galah Panjang, Tuju Tin, Teng-teng, Congkak, Sepak Takraw, Kabaddi, and a lot more! And we also had this 'henna' session where the children can choose the design that they like and we'll paint it on their hands. Supposedly, each child should only get 1 painting, but they are very cheeky! They kept coming over and over again until their both hands covered with the paintings! And we realized that we have to be strict with them One means one. haha..Degil. mereka tunggu je dpan booth dgn muka one pence.saba je la.haha.Here some photos...But u can check more on my friendster ya! =)

henna painting

teng teng

1 cute guy
Till then,
you know you love me,


ainee said...

gosh. dat guy. oke. thanks for being a stalker. ur so like GG. You want to be Blair ek?

hunny said...

haha..thanks..thanks..yeah,blair is soo gorgeous wat? n smart why not? hihi =)

botolbiru said...

hurm u want to be blair?than i'm serena but i wont be two-timing with your bf..hehe

hani, he is so gorgeous. i loike..heheh

afir said...

hehe..thanx.. try la nanti eyk... i'll talk about jeremmy soon. awie??? awie mana ni? awie penyanyi tu ke?

hunny said...

yeah.i loike blair more than serena hazie..haha..x ske serena ;P

ainee said...

lantak korang la. haha. berebut la. nama tetap hani gak kat surat beranak. haha.

hunny said...

ahahha! k.eni jeles~ wek! ;P xmo shipping henbeg!

kadclow said...

Cakap pasa handbag... Hani, bg ar kite handbag as souvenir. ahahahaha. (mengarut tak).

Bestnyer. dah lama tak main teng teng. igt zaman kanak2 kite dulu.ramai tak mamat cute ari tuh? ahaha.

P.S. Blair lover's here! All hail Queen B.

shahieda said...

cutenye, huhu.I thought Baie je yg jd stalker...she likes him too.hehe. actually i like him too.haha

hunny said... fanna, k.eni tu die bli henbeg sendrik pastu mntkk te tlg shipping je.haha..kamu nk henbeg jgak ke? waa...henbeg biase2 boleyla kot.kalo branded2 sye xde duet. ;p

ieda- hehe..i love blairr!! ;D

paih said...

xlarat ambo tgk gamba mamat ni.. penuh camera dak2 ni.. haih..