Tuesday, 17 June 2008

10 secrets revealed..

1] d most vital thing for me in my room is bed. My bed would be d first thing yg sye akan kemas if i walk into my bedroom.And yes, my favourite baju is baju tdo :)~
2] i hate people who are liar and not punctual. Please, are d truths really hard to tell? Ape gune beli jam mahal2 kalo x reti hargai mase? hu..
3] i keep a lot of secrets..haha..yes indeed.. :)~
4] i would always change into clothes which are about to be wash when i was cooking coz i don't like d smell of
d asap to be melekat to my baju after i cooked (especially if it was my sleeping dress!) :)~
5] i love yougurts especially Muller's and fruit juice i.e mango+passionfruit juice so much dat i can't live without them more than a week
6] sye kuat majuk and cepat lembut hati. haha..kamu kene pandai pujuk saye :)~
7] i like to do make-ups when i was bored.yes i mean in my room.haha.crazy me ;P
8] i can't sing and i hate acting
9] i pay NO respect to people who gives little concern to their responsibilities..
10] i need enough 8-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep at night if you want me to wake up cheerful and energetic enough for d next day. And yes, i seldom took a nap in d afternoon :)~

Till then,
you know you love me,

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