Wednesday, 26 May 2010


It has been a while, I know... i just can't find the mood to write :) I'm in KL while im writing this.
Im back for my convocation day which will b held this Saturday, 29th May 2010. I'm soo excited that finally i can be home, but at the same time im quite worried about my students who will be sitting for their UPPM2 this week!! Year 6 students i think they can manage.

And when i gave some homework to my Year 2 students, im glad that none of them are complaining about the amount of homework i left them with. In fact, my heart flutters when 1 of them told me this: "teacher teacher, kte rsekan, bagus jugak teacher bgi kte keje banyak2. sbb kte slalu bosan dlm kelas kalo ckgu xde nk buat ape.." hhihi :) dats my dear lovely year 2 student. The others plak semangat belek2 ketas photocopy yg i left for them cr game nk buat dulu. oh, i heart them :) :) :)

Okay, but i admit im VERY worried about my Year 5 students! to put this in words.. it seems like they are lacking interest in learning English! Before this i didnt focus much in teaching them how to answer the exam paper but i focus more on the topics they should learn and in making learning English fun to them. And they seemed to love it! I didnt have much problems back then.

But the problem occur when the students were and are gauge based on their examination results! This means i had to focus more on teaching them the basic grammar...which involves lots of drilling and writing (which the students definitely dislike of). And after weeks of teaching them, it's hurts to hear ur students said this: "A, ko paham x nk buat ni cmne? Ak satu ape pun x paham psl ni. Ape la yg teacher suh wat ni. Ak tiru ko je la ek" and this "Kite x faham pkataan ni...cmne nk tulis ayat.."... These statements are like swords slashing my heart into pieces T_T... After all this while, all what i have been teaching them, guiding them, they can said that they don't understand? it saddens me.. ;(

i know different students have their own pace to follow but it's very difficult when u don't have streaming and there's a really wide gap between the smart and low-achieved students! T_T i mean, i can't cater to all students at the same time...i need time..insyallah boleh...but it gives me pressure when the GB always expect the students to perform see better results in the future...i mean, i can try, but the students do need TIME to improve... i have to start all over again from teaching them basic grammar, how can u expect them to be able to write a correct essay in just 2 months?? it's just impossible... ;( and everytime after the exam, I am the one who must see the GB explaining why the students can't perform etc2... :( PRESSURE!!!

For someone who always took a/2 days leave in a week, please note that even Rome wasn't built in a day. I did try my best to help the students, i just need u to understand that...yeah, it's always easy to speak than act right? hu..

-whateva mood-

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Antara 2 cinta

Thoughtful lyric indeed =]
apa yang ada jarang disyukuri
apa yang tiada sering dirisaukan
nikmat yang dikecap baru kan terasa bila hilang
apa yang diburu timbul rasa jemu
bila sudah di dalam genggaman

dunia ibarat air laut
diminum hanya menambah haus
nafsu bagaikan fatamorgana
di padang pasir

panas yang membahang disangka air
dunia dan nafsu bagai bayang-bayang
dilihat ada ditangkap hilang

Tuhan.. leraikanlah dunia
yang mendiam di dalam hatiku
kerana di situ tidak ku mampu
mengumpul dua cinta
hanya cintaMu ku harap tumbuh
dibajai bangkai dunia yang kubunu..

Saturday, 15 May 2010


it hurts to be the last one to know.