Friday, 31 October 2008

poetic side of me

oh oh..this morning i've got an inspiration to write a poem..a lengthy one indeed..3 pages..yes, i don't believe it too..a special force drove me to write that poem..i don't know what it is..mngkin juga luahan hati..yg selama ini meronta2 mahu keluar dr hati nurani..but i could not post it's too personal..

And noticing how many ppl are reading my blog each days, it scares me more..the reason of why i'm writing my blog begins to dwell in my primary aim is not for others to read..what more to compete with others who get more readers than mine..but my sole reason for writing this blog is for me to express my feelings and thoughts..and share it with my beloved frens..those who know me well, know who i am..and how i am..

i am complicated and mysterious..don't try to understand me..just love me..

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

d largest snake ever seen!!

ngee~ :P

calling all d detectives

1st comic
If people ask me what is my favourite comic book, i would definitely answer Detective Conan!! hehe...Detective Conan is my beloved comic books of all and second one is Detective Q. Why do i love Detective Conan? Simple: becoz the storyline are extremely interesting and make u think and bcoz the characters were drawn very favourite characters in Conan? Would be Shinichi and Kaito Kid! Kaito Kid sgt HENSEM okay! Kaito Kid is the cunning thief, ppl can see him at par with Shinichi, both are smart, kacak, good at playing football, and both of their way of thinking are almost similar to each other! I ske Kaito Kid bcoz i rse die cm a little bit smarter and cunning than Sinichi.hihi..

But Shinichi pon best, slalu dpt solve problem2 mystery yg cops and FBIs can't. Shinichi shrunk into a form of 5 years old kid after he was given a pill (name unknown) by this man from the black coat group. perhaps they were testing their new pills on shinichi. and the next day shinichi bangun2 pagi je tros jd bdak kecik.imagine cmne a high-school detective nk jalani idup2 die sbagai 5 years old kid! ape lgi, disguise la! sian Ron..haha..But seryes, i miss Detective Conan!! I can read and reread the comics for thousand times and don't even feel bored! i even memorize some of the stories! sgt, nk wat cmne ;p hm..hopefully my collection at home are still there and well-kept.

2nd comic

Is Detective Q! Hehe..another detective comic. yep2. best woo comic yg investigate2 nieh. try le bace kalo x caye.ngee~ Basically comic ni of course lah dienye hero is Q...Q ni pon high-school student jgak. He's studying in this special school which is everyone who wanted to enroll in this school must pass this special examination. And one of the rules is mesti pass exam yg sgt2 susah yg ade kaitan ngn solving mysterious cases etc..and org yg ade IQ beyond 350 je kot yg leh pass. Tp ade je sorang bdak pompuan ni pass dpt msk skola tu sbb die ade photographic memory.hoho..Detective Q if u read it u would feel that the storyline is much more complicated and die nye mystery tu lg susah nk solve from Detective Conan.mencabar la dienye drawing x best sgt. mule2 malas nk bce sbb tgk drawing cm x besh.pastu try bace, msuk collection tros!! love!

->me used to scolded my brothers and sisters bcoz they didn't returned my comic books in its place,muahaha..yes, i love my comic books so much.plis plis give me d whole collection as my birthday present. anyone? ho..BM version.xmo version laen.hhe..

Monday, 27 October 2008

something to ponder..

"Apakah kesempurnaan seorang makhluk mampu menjanjikan rezeki, keselesaan, makan, minum kita?" hm..

isu timbul sebab: bace ulasan blog solehah, die ckp kalo kita nk tggu jodoh yg sempurna, kaya baru nikah, itu sombong btul2..i agree =)

Sunday, 26 October 2008

open house's photos

oh yes, our open house was a blast!! 12 hours straight!! I don't believe we've made it.yey!! As d organizers n home owners, we would like to thank everyone for coming..thanx for making it merrier, happier, n lively!! U all can see d rest of d photos here..

rich doesnt mean rich money

Someone made me realize today dat rich doesn't mean rich money. he said,"u r broad minded honey. when there's a will, there's way". wohaa~ Tq sweet.n tq for making me realize about dat most important thing. How did it came up? well we're actually talking about going to greece n egypt (d places which i wanted to go most rite now) and then i told him it seems impossible for me to go there now since im pretty broke rite now n i dun have much days left. And that's when he told me that when there's a will, there's a way n about dat rich thingy. hoho..

salam perantauan

hihi..this is my 3rd pic being upload in Salam Perantauan..i mean so far im here this is my 2nd raya picture for this year..hehe..

click here..

Thursday, 23 October 2008

open house

Assalamualaikum and hello to all! we can't help but to send an invitation as well.

We, House 30 -- Baiyah, Fadzilah, Nadeera , Syahirah


House 31 -- Ayuni, Munawarah, Hani, Azuani

would like to invite all of you Marjons to our openhouse (Yes! at last! =p) as the following details:

24th OCTOBER 2008 ,

FRIDAY (barakah of Jumuah!),

11 am onwards,

Marjon Guest House no. 3.

p/s: do wear loose fitting attire (BAJU RAYA!!).
You won't know how full you'll be stuffed with! --definitely a good sign there!

do re mi fa so la si do

ahha...i've changed my layout again because my previous one die ckp "bandwidth exceeded". I don't know what it means, so i just change d layout then. hu.. guys, tgk la cte ni kalo u all rase nk nanges2 skit ke... tajuk die 'do re mi fa so la si do'. haha..a korean movie..

if rase nk tgk horror movie tgk la the eye 10. cm best je rasenye.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

A Christian Spends 30days as a muslim

Oh oh..i've just watched this video which was suggested by ida, thanx to her..overall this video is about David, a practising Chistian who have spent 30days of his life as a muslim. The situation took place in America and during the 30days, David has to follow all the Islamic rules and customs. Let us watched together what happened to him before and after 3odays as a muslim! :)

just click herehere


Monday, 20 October 2008

kembang perawan

Oh oh..I'm addicted this song lately. It is sooo beautiifull! A pretty girl with a lovely voice, what more can u ask for? wee! enjoy! oh yes, u have to click on 'pause' button first ( on my blog page) before u attempt to play the song here ok! :D

Gita Gutawa - Kembang Perawan - Gita Gutawa

hani loves you,

Sunday, 19 October 2008

my lucky rain

As I sat down by my window,
I heard d sound of rain falling,
Filling the emptiness of d dark night,
Breaking d silence of d night,
I wonder,
Is this the lucky rain,
Which will turn my day from dull to bright?
Which will bring joy and success into my constant day?
I wonder,
Is this the lucky rain,
Which is carried by the wind from East to West?
Which brings my hopes and dreams of d world,
I wonder,
Is it real?
Will it lasts?
I’m just building a castle in the sky?



Oh.. oh..sapa suda tgk muvi ini? yeah, i know it's a bit outdated for those who lived in Malaysia, but hey, i br dapat hold on to this movie!! haha..thanx to hazriq for suggesting tho ;p
overall it's okay, i especially love the songs in this muvi..which is all of it :)

ni salah satu lagu die..enjoy~
Sepi (OST Filem Sepi) - Yuni Shara


boys vs girls

ahhaha..nampaknye rmai boys are not satisfied with my entry earlier. hehe..u can check it out yourself if u don't believe me. d source is Browne, A. (2001) Developing Language and Literacy (2nd ed). London: Paul Chapman Publishing. page 172

hu..yep, it is an academic book mind you, and it is a recent ones. it can b trusted peace faiz, sorry! it do appear so small in my screen too :)
to ida, tq!! u r cute too! =)
to warid, hehe..what to do~ lalala~


Saturday, 18 October 2008

differences between d oral language use of boys and girls

When i do my readings, i have encountered with these interesting facts about boys and girls' oral language use. I'll summarize them for you...:-

-are more outspoken, assertive & confident
-interrupt more
-are unhelpfully dominant
-are less likely to build on the contributions of others
-make longer verbal contributions
-use language to vie for status

-better listeners than boys
-tend to defer to the ideas of others
-are better at taking turns
-take longer to become involve in discussions
-use language to draw out and include others
-speak tentatively and with more need for approval

->Boys are competitive, selfish (unhelpfully dominant & interrupt more), like to nag more than girls, and sweet talker.Photobucket

-Girls are patient (better listeners & good at taking turns), unique, considerate( involving others in discussions), and more sensitive.Photobucket

Hahaha...any comments?


Thursday, 16 October 2008

first time

Bosannnyeee.......i wanted, no i need to do my reading, but i don't have d mood!! I've tried everyhthing, still... T_T. so i decided to write this instead.duh.

The first time i cooked my own rice
-er..darjah 5 kut..mak suh blaja masak sbb da besa.haha

first time to learn quran
-mase 5 years old..mak aji aja..

firtst time to have a laptop
-well, my first is 3 years ago.still using d same laptop =)

firtst time to be away from parents
-june 2002 kot. masa masuk mrsm dkat ytb.da la jauh.sebak je mse 1st day kena tinggal sana.wuu T_T.seb bek jiran sebelah katil je.hhe

first time to write a story
-tadika? kne buat autobiography? haha

first time to go clubbing
-er..blum pernah pegi

First time to fall in love
-oh.. 18years old ;)

First time to buy a boy something
-jap nk pkir..pnah ke ek..seryes x ingat bila! ;p

First time to be a middle person
-mase akhir form 2. i was d middle person utk smpaikan a love letter from my best fren who likes this guy. But she is to scared and shy to approach that guy she asked me instead.but at d same time she admitted to me that she's afraid that 'her' guy would have liked me instead.adoi!

first time to understand life
-akhir form 5 when my parents were away for Hajj n as the 2nd eldest, i have to take d responsibility to take care of my siblings..i have 3 under me..i have to cook, drive, clean, shop, everything la basically.baru sye tahu betapa penatnye jadi parents.. T_T.. but im grateful jugak coz i've learned lotsa things from that experience. sye berpeluang tingkatkan semua skills saye :)

my first best friend
-who is also my neighbour.i called her mimi if im not not sure wether she's a chinese/malay/mix, but she does look like a chinese+ malay.die putih2, rmbut cm cleopatra.ktorg sgt suke maen dolls same2 mse kecik2 dlu.die manje2..sye suke die sbb die baek..our favourite dolls are d one dlm balang plastik tu, yg ade kunci kene pulas tu.nnti da pulas doll tu akan nari2 pusing2.haha..kalo die ade satu, i'll ask my mom to buy one for me too ;) but then after 1 or 2 years kut, die pindah rumah...n we lost contact...xtau mne die skarang..

ok udah.bored.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

happy Vijaya Dasami

Last Sunday, I have been invited to experience a Vijaya Dasami festival by my friend Sashi. Vijaya Dasamu festival is the largest festival in Nepal celebrates by hindus and non-hindus Nepalis alike. It is celebrated on the 10th day annual Navratri after the Good forces succeeded in defeated the Evil forces. All the people in Nepal celebrate this festival with great importance. More informations about this festival can be assess from wikipedia here.Photobucket

Altogether, what can i say is d festival is really interesting, and the first as such yang i pernah attended. Before this, i have been to cristmas parties but not Deepavali/ vijaya dasami festivals. All this while tgk kat tv je.So, it is quite interesting to see different cultures and dances with your own eyes. What fascinated me most is that Sashi's family is very close knit, everyone will greet everyone's friends like their's, welcoming anybody, friendly, and they are not shy to perform in front of their family members! Just have a look at a video below to prove wether im right or wrong. They are very helpful and i felt welcome there. And it reminds me of my big family back in mesia where we will gather together during Eidul Fitr, d only day which i think we can manage to get together like that.Rili miss my families.. Q_Q.

This is ekhraj singing d nepalian song

Gita dancing her traditional dance

the triples who dance gracefully

Lake playing d guitar

Lake, me, intan, emon n sashi during our dinner

bae, me, sashi, gita n star of d day
(haha..bdak kecik tu sgt perasan ok.nympah la skit2.. ;p)

Us with Nabita's daughter.Sashi is supposed to be wearing
sari tau! later

click on d play button to watch


Saturday, 11 October 2008

im a superhero! =)

Your results:
You are Green Lantern

Green Lantern
Wonder Woman
The Flash
Iron Man
Hot-headed. You have strong
will power and a good imagination.

Click here to take the "Which Superhero am I?" quiz...

I am hot-headed? oh no..there must be something goes wrong somewhere. I'm NOT hot-headed. seryesly.haha n i'm a green lantern!! yeah. i have good will power n strong imagination.very true..hahahha..nk try? kat cni peace


Pertandingan makan antara nedd, hani, and hazriq:-

calon 1: nedd

calon 2: hani
calon 3: hazriq a.k.a. apek
pemenangnye of coz HAZRIQ!! yey! hihi

paih nk curik kasut..hehe


mereka yg cube menjadi ustazah dulu2. funny!! hehe ;p

d tuan rumahs of house 33
from left: hazriq, warid, faiz, bob

d guys

we are a family :D

rheese sugar high

All the pictures above tell what happen during open house at House 33 last week. We had had lots of fun and the meals are sumptuous and finger licking good! hehe..Sampai tuan rumah kene rebus telur due to ayam da habis stok sbb ramai sgt serbu! ;) but i manage to taste all the meals and delicacies prepared. thanks faiz, warid, hazriq, bob. Lenkali buat lagi ye! hehe..


bob :D

Oh yes Bob, i do believe in Barney after i listen to ur song *wink* wink* smile* hehe..n listening to Barney's song in your blog reminding me of you. Not that i didn't think of you before, but it makes me remembers you more! aha! Surprise? hehe..these are the reasons why..

In the above pictures is my friend Ikhwan. But he's famaous with the name Bob. Many must have been wondering what the heck is he's doing taking a photo shoot like that. Well i guess he's shooting for his new advert on Sunsilk shampoo. hehehe.. just kidding bob ;p but a nice photo shoot tho. You seems to be enjoying urself so much. Haven't seen u laughing like that for such a long time! hehe..he's still available i think. anyone interested? heh ;p

Barney is a dinosaur from our imagination
When he’s tall he’s what we call
A dinosaur sensation
Barney teaches lots of things
Like how to play pretend
A-B-C’s and 1-2-3’s
And how to be a friend
Barney comes to play with us
Whenever we may need him
Barney can be your friend too
If you just make believe him..
Gooo Barney Bob!!


Thursday, 9 October 2008

Perihal Hari Ini

Tadi, saye pegi libraray Exeter. Library University of Exeter to be exact. Saye bangun pagi pukul 8.15 am..lepas tu saye terus pegi gosok baju, gosok gigi, n mandi. Kemudian, saye ingat nk minum hot drinks pagi tu as breakfast. Tapi x sempat pulak sebab sye duk sibuk make-up. Saye pun tak tahulah nape je tibe2 pagi ni nk make-up pulak.Padahal da terlambat nak siap. Lepas tu saye cepat2 getting ready and rush pergi porter's lodge. Tapi sebelum tu saye sempat makan a slice of bread with butter and grab a cheese stick. Then saye cepat2 gerak pegi The Shop untuk beli sebotol air mineral and sebiji epal. Ye, sejak akhir2 ni saye makan banyak pulak time breakfast. Tak tahulah kenape.Hmm..Lepas tu bile sampai kt Porter's Lodge, tengok2, saye adelah orang ke-3 yg smpai situ antara budak2 kelas saye.Saye tengok jam, da pukul 9.25am. Bus gerak pukul 9.30am. Mane yg laen2? Tak ikutkah mereka? Saye tanye dalam hati.

Kemudian, after a few minutes, sorang2 classmates saye sampai dengan muke ceria. Tak kurang juge dengan muke mengantuk. Semua ada. Lepas tu kawan2 sye yg ade kamera besa2 n canggih2 mcam Nikon D40 semua keluarkan kamera mereka. Snap sana snap sini.Saye pun tumpang la bergambar sekali.ngee~ :D Bus sampai pukul 9.40am. 10minit lambat bus ni. Lepas dengar briefing dari Michael Hall, ktorg pun gerak utk naek bus..Bus tu panas.stuffy.bagi saye la.bagi orang laen saye tak tahulah macam mane kan. Disebabkan reason itu, saye x mampu untuk tidur atau buat ape2 selain makan cheese stick saye sepanjang perjalanan yg memakan masa 1 jam setengah itu..So saye tengok je lah gelagat sume rakan2 saye sepanjang perjalanan. Ada yg sambung tidur, ada yg membaca, ada yg berbual, ada yg mendengar mp3. Menarik tengok gelagat mereka. Saye ni jenis tak boleh membace dalam kenderaan bergerak, unless text itu benar2 memikat hati saye. engage orang kate? =)

Lepas da sampai ke tempat destinasi, kami pun hop off dari coach itu..terus ke University of Exeter stone post untuk bergambar.Yelah, nak dekat 2 tahun saye study dekat England, tp baru first time dapat bergambar dengan signboard awarding body saye. Ye, untuk pengetahuan semua, saye memang study dekat University College Plymouth (UCP) Marjon. Tapi UCP Marjon ni under University of Exeter. Kire macam twinninglah kire. Sebab UCP Marjon ni specialist in teaching and sports. So, semua yg buat major dalam dua2 bidang ni akan dihantar ke UCP Marjon..Bagus jugak sebab tenaga pengajar kt sini semua pakar2.Specialist kan..pelajar2 pun fit2 belaka.yang amek sports sedap jugak mate memandang.he he he..

Saye spend mase almost 4jam jugak la duduk dalam library Exeter tu. Saye cari bahan2 untuk tolong dissertation saye. Saye cari sane, cari sini, tapi x banyak pun yg saye jumpe.Adalah sedikit dua..kecewa jugak bila tengok teman2 yg laen banyak saja jumpa bahan. Tak reti mencarikah hani? Aish.. T_T Lepas tu pukul 3.30pm kami gerak balik ke UCP Marjon..kali ni mungkin sebab saye penat sangat kot. Saye tertidur mase dgr mp4. Nyenyak pulak tu. Kawan2 saye ckp saye mempunyai kelebihan yg luar biase iaitu boleh tidur duduk dengan eloknye.Tegak je sye tidur.Takde terhantuk2 kepala kiri kanan. Tp kali ni kepala sye senget2 jugak ke kanan sbb kiri saye ade Muna. Kesian pulak Muna nnti.hoho..saye x sedar bile sampai UCP Marjon. Muna yg kejut saye dr tidur. Lepas tu tros saye menonong trun bus n jalan balik rumah. Kunun2 nak sambung tidurlah lepas masuk dlm bilik. Tapi mungkin disebabkan saye ni tak biasa tidur petang, tidur itu x nyenyak pun..Kejap lepas tu Sashi tlefon saye.Selalunye saye x akan angkat telefon kalo telefon berdering time saye tengah tidur. Tapi disebabkan tme tu saye tidur2 ayam je, so saye angkat la fon tu..Sashi cakap die rindu saye..Die tanye saye sehat ke tidak..Lepas tu die ajak saye pegi festival die Ahad ni..die ckp Lake n Ramesh akan pegi hanye jike sye pegi..ahaha...Kemudian saye pon cakap la insyallah saye pegi..Die sangat hepi :)

Kemudian, malam tadi saye lapa..saye pun pegi dapur untuk masak fish fillet saye..tapi bad news..fridge umah saye buat hal. The frozen part itu betul2 da frozen sampai mcam glacier da.Saye tarik kuat2 drawer tu.Tapi die xnk bukak jugak.So saye bia je pntu fridge tu tbukak dengan harapan ais tu akan cair n saye dapatla msak fish fillet saye..15 minit saye tunggu. ais tu xmo cair2 jugak.saye geram.saye cucuk2 ais tu dgn sudu besi.lepas tu saye tarik kuat2 drawer tu. tak boleh jugak..saye sedih.. =( saye terus pegi mandi..tapi saye x putus asa, saye bukak oven n panaskan dapur tu so that ais kat fridge tu akan cair.lame saye tggu, x boleh jugak..saye kecewa, last2 saye makan nasi dgn ikan bakar je..Ikan salmon bakar tu muna da masak before that.naseb baek, ade jugak rezeki. tak kelaparan lah saye malam ini..alhamdulillah..itulah perihal cerita hani hari ini..lenguh betul tangan saye menaip ayat penuh begini.haha.selamat malam kawan-kawan :D

salam sayang,

Tuesday, 7 October 2008


I've leaved my work in Derriford Hospital on the 28th September 2008. On the date, it has been 7months since i've been working there. Lots of experiences, lessons, friends, and memories gained throughout the times. It was my 3rd job as my first's with Royal Mail as the sorter during Christmas and the 2nd one is at Esporta Healthcare Centre. Honestly speaking, i love my job and friends at Royal Mail's and Derriford Hospital's. I post a lot of photos here as they said a picture can tell u a thousand words..i wonder whether thats

me experimenting with Guna's phone
at Esporta

me sorting the letters and cards during Christmas 2007

Ehe..i've got this warning letter during my 1st week
working at Derriford Hospital ;p

One of the beds at the Wildgoose Ward.
very high tech and comfy i

One ward can take up to 8-10 beds

with sashi's fren, (i'm not sure what's his name ;p)

Lake, baru kenal die 1bulan lpas.a good driver.heh ;p

This is Maria, die sgt syg kat sye.
When i told her i wanted to leave work, she looked at me direct
into my eyes..i can see d sadness there..and then she told me not to leave work..
she keep asking whether i'll be coming back or not..
and then she hugged me tight, grateful that she knows me..
and then everytime i went to Derriford Hospital to visit her,
she will grins to her ears when she saw me.hehe..
love u too Maria :)

this is Bugi. She's a Polish. Met her when i was still in OPD department.
Know her becoz although she's working in the department
next to me, she's always come to the OPD to steal
our stocks. Yes i said steal coz she didn't ask for our permission!
And then when i caught her stealing she would make this 10p face and
tell me that " sorry hani, but i really2 need this..please hani..
just one..i need this..etc2.."
haha..saba je la.sye ni x reti nak say no.but she's baek..she's married
and she has a dog which she loves very2 much (bawak dr Poland tuh). siap snggup drive blk
Poland dr nek flight sbb smate2 x nk tggalkan anjing die.
and she's funny..suke wat loyar buruk n bully me! oh..

and this is Sashi, my gossip mate and colleague.hehe..she's 24 years old and like
a sister to me..we always share everything together. Sometimes i would sit with her for hours
to do some catch up with her (after work usually).She's a Nepalian and celebrate Depavali.
hheeh..i know she looks like a chinese kan? :) she's very friendly and talkative
and funny! Lots of guys tried to approach her but i dont know why,
she would gve me lots and lots of reasons why she still don't hve a bf. haha
macam2 la. then i told her, i can't wait to see who r u going to marry.
haha.and her favourite phrase is "Life is hard hani". haha. but yes,
im very comfortable with her, what more we share the same passion
for shopping :)

This is Sandra or Sandy, the housekeeper that i've been working
with since i changed to Weekend. at first my impressions of her are that
she's very quite, only talk when i asked her, very strict, she once warning me
that gonna check whether i do it right after she done her work, and
quite skema.hihi..seb bek la die ni jnis tidy. kemas je sme bnde kt dpur tuh.
but towards the end she's become friendlier and will greet me every morning
and ask me if im alright i though maybe mule2 je kot die strict sbb xnk
i naek kepala.haha..she's nice..siap kasi coklat n kad mse i nk benti keje.
hu..trharu plak T_T

i've got a chocolate box and a card
from my housekeeper, Sandy ;)

Begitulah ceritanya..i x smpat nk bgambar ngn Manuella, my dearest Portugese mommy coz i didn't see her that time. hm, anyway, doing this job, it opens up my eyes about the life of the people who have been working this job all their life. People's perceptions on them, what they are doing, what they are thinking, how hard it is for them to earn money for a living, their problems, their life..everything which i have never thought before or always took for granted..they've taught me to be strong, to be humble, to be grateful with what i have, to be more particular and sensitive, and to be more hardworking..once in the bus to the City Centre, i was having a conversation with bugi and told her that she should have some rest and should not be working 7days a week. then she told me that she has to work, it is not that she wanted to, but she has to..she told me that she wanted to buy a new watch, but she didn't have an money..she has to pay the house rent, utilities bills, etc.. and if she's not working she wouldn't have the money..she's almost cried when she told me this, and i was like oh..nk menangis jugak rasa..yela, kte ni ade duit duk spend je kt bende ntah ape2..x pnah fkir dr mane, susah mana nk gain duet tu. mereka ni terpakse keje susah payah sbb nk cari duit utk teruskan hidup..itu pun ntah cukup ntah tidak..

hm..itulah, sometimes bila rezeki kita murah, kte kne slalu remind dri kte...igt kt org2 yg lbih susah dr kte..for me i believe that rezeki tu comes from Allah. Ada rezeki ada la, xde xpe..ade hikmahnye..we shouldn't be jealous or feel unsatisfied when others get more rezeki than us..instead we should be grateful coz one of the tests that comes from allah comes through our rezeki..Allah nk test kte kte buat ape dgn rzeki tu..this is what i've learned la this year..byk bnde jadi until i cme up to this mkes me realizes..when we are full, they are still others who have to fast everyday just because they didnt have any food to eat..when we complains why do we have to sleep on the hard mattress, we forgot that there are still others who have to sleep on the dusty ground without any blankets at night..we forgot all these things because we have take everything that we have got for granted..we have never though about others and become selfish without ourselves being aware that we are..its a shame and sad fact to admit..from this moment, i hve told myself that i wanted to try to look at the world from other's point of views..i wanted to feel what it looks like to be in other's shoes..n i hve told myself to be grateful for what i have..coz when im considered myself unlucky, there's always be someone else who's more unlucky than us..but i won't take it as a point for me not to try harder in everything i do, i will try harder n not easily give up to fate..boleh x? i a fighter? hu.. ;p