Wednesday, 29 October 2008

calling all d detectives

1st comic
If people ask me what is my favourite comic book, i would definitely answer Detective Conan!! hehe...Detective Conan is my beloved comic books of all and second one is Detective Q. Why do i love Detective Conan? Simple: becoz the storyline are extremely interesting and make u think and bcoz the characters were drawn very favourite characters in Conan? Would be Shinichi and Kaito Kid! Kaito Kid sgt HENSEM okay! Kaito Kid is the cunning thief, ppl can see him at par with Shinichi, both are smart, kacak, good at playing football, and both of their way of thinking are almost similar to each other! I ske Kaito Kid bcoz i rse die cm a little bit smarter and cunning than Sinichi.hihi..

But Shinichi pon best, slalu dpt solve problem2 mystery yg cops and FBIs can't. Shinichi shrunk into a form of 5 years old kid after he was given a pill (name unknown) by this man from the black coat group. perhaps they were testing their new pills on shinichi. and the next day shinichi bangun2 pagi je tros jd bdak kecik.imagine cmne a high-school detective nk jalani idup2 die sbagai 5 years old kid! ape lgi, disguise la! sian Ron..haha..But seryes, i miss Detective Conan!! I can read and reread the comics for thousand times and don't even feel bored! i even memorize some of the stories! sgt, nk wat cmne ;p hm..hopefully my collection at home are still there and well-kept.

2nd comic

Is Detective Q! Hehe..another detective comic. yep2. best woo comic yg investigate2 nieh. try le bace kalo x caye.ngee~ Basically comic ni of course lah dienye hero is Q...Q ni pon high-school student jgak. He's studying in this special school which is everyone who wanted to enroll in this school must pass this special examination. And one of the rules is mesti pass exam yg sgt2 susah yg ade kaitan ngn solving mysterious cases etc..and org yg ade IQ beyond 350 je kot yg leh pass. Tp ade je sorang bdak pompuan ni pass dpt msk skola tu sbb die ade photographic memory.hoho..Detective Q if u read it u would feel that the storyline is much more complicated and die nye mystery tu lg susah nk solve from Detective Conan.mencabar la dienye drawing x best sgt. mule2 malas nk bce sbb tgk drawing cm x besh.pastu try bace, msuk collection tros!! love!

->me used to scolded my brothers and sisters bcoz they didn't returned my comic books in its place,muahaha..yes, i love my comic books so much.plis plis give me d whole collection as my birthday present. anyone? ho..BM version.xmo version laen.hhe..


botolbiru said...

hahaha detektif Q
we bought it mase kat mrsm
mase tuh conan lmbt sgt kuar
i remembered mase tuh kiter SPM
everytime kuar g bazaar, sure singgah kedai komik..isk isk isk
ape nk jadi mase tuh

dah la smua org bace komik at that time..
hahah i miss detective Q..
sudah abeh dh die nye citer..sobsobsob
conan lak ntah biler la nk besar.

hunny said...

hihi..da abes ke? alor...conan tu x bsar2 lg ke? haha mish! mish!