Thursday, 23 October 2008

do re mi fa so la si do

ahha...i've changed my layout again because my previous one die ckp "bandwidth exceeded". I don't know what it means, so i just change d layout then. hu.. guys, tgk la cte ni kalo u all rase nk nanges2 skit ke... tajuk die 'do re mi fa so la si do'. haha..a korean movie..

if rase nk tgk horror movie tgk la the eye 10. cm best je rasenye.


botolbiru said...

i've seen the eye ten..
but never seen do re mi...
besh ker?
need to find that story

hurm fur elise?
i know how to play those

hunny said...

play once for me please~~ :D
video taped it, put it somewhere i can watch..i wanted to see ur face.. T_T

botolbiru said...

u can see my face in mypic per..
i did not look so much different now and two years before

hunny said...

no i mean i want to see ur face when u r playing dat song for me..heheh..pliz2...26 nov is just 1 month to go! ;p