Wednesday, 15 October 2008

happy Vijaya Dasami

Last Sunday, I have been invited to experience a Vijaya Dasami festival by my friend Sashi. Vijaya Dasamu festival is the largest festival in Nepal celebrates by hindus and non-hindus Nepalis alike. It is celebrated on the 10th day annual Navratri after the Good forces succeeded in defeated the Evil forces. All the people in Nepal celebrate this festival with great importance. More informations about this festival can be assess from wikipedia here.Photobucket

Altogether, what can i say is d festival is really interesting, and the first as such yang i pernah attended. Before this, i have been to cristmas parties but not Deepavali/ vijaya dasami festivals. All this while tgk kat tv je.So, it is quite interesting to see different cultures and dances with your own eyes. What fascinated me most is that Sashi's family is very close knit, everyone will greet everyone's friends like their's, welcoming anybody, friendly, and they are not shy to perform in front of their family members! Just have a look at a video below to prove wether im right or wrong. They are very helpful and i felt welcome there. And it reminds me of my big family back in mesia where we will gather together during Eidul Fitr, d only day which i think we can manage to get together like that.Rili miss my families.. Q_Q.

This is ekhraj singing d nepalian song

Gita dancing her traditional dance

the triples who dance gracefully

Lake playing d guitar

Lake, me, intan, emon n sashi during our dinner

bae, me, sashi, gita n star of d day
(haha..bdak kecik tu sgt perasan ok.nympah la skit2.. ;p)

Us with Nabita's daughter.Sashi is supposed to be wearing
sari tau! later

click on d play button to watch


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