Saturday, 18 October 2008

differences between d oral language use of boys and girls

When i do my readings, i have encountered with these interesting facts about boys and girls' oral language use. I'll summarize them for you...:-

-are more outspoken, assertive & confident
-interrupt more
-are unhelpfully dominant
-are less likely to build on the contributions of others
-make longer verbal contributions
-use language to vie for status

-better listeners than boys
-tend to defer to the ideas of others
-are better at taking turns
-take longer to become involve in discussions
-use language to draw out and include others
-speak tentatively and with more need for approval

->Boys are competitive, selfish (unhelpfully dominant & interrupt more), like to nag more than girls, and sweet talker.Photobucket

-Girls are patient (better listeners & good at taking turns), unique, considerate( involving others in discussions), and more sensitive.Photobucket

Hahaha...any comments?



Anonymous said...

feminist n

Anonymous said...

this new lay out is soooo like hunny. huhu.comella...

Anonymous said...

cool stuff..
may I know the source?
btw, you layout makes my super size screen look small, still cute though.. huhuhu