Sunday, 19 October 2008

boys vs girls

ahhaha..nampaknye rmai boys are not satisfied with my entry earlier. hehe..u can check it out yourself if u don't believe me. d source is Browne, A. (2001) Developing Language and Literacy (2nd ed). London: Paul Chapman Publishing. page 172

hu..yep, it is an academic book mind you, and it is a recent ones. it can b trusted peace faiz, sorry! it do appear so small in my screen too :)
to ida, tq!! u r cute too! =)
to warid, hehe..what to do~ lalala~


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ibnulazim said...

I wonder what happen to these guys when they grow up.. Are the males still the dominant? hmmm..

suggested reading:
men are from mars,women are from venus.. (i only read small part of it).. huhuhu..