Tuesday, 7 October 2008


I've leaved my work in Derriford Hospital on the 28th September 2008. On the date, it has been 7months since i've been working there. Lots of experiences, lessons, friends, and memories gained throughout the times. It was my 3rd job as my first's with Royal Mail as the sorter during Christmas and the 2nd one is at Esporta Healthcare Centre. Honestly speaking, i love my job and friends at Royal Mail's and Derriford Hospital's. I post a lot of photos here as they said a picture can tell u a thousand words..i wonder whether thats true..hm..

me experimenting with Guna's phone
at Esporta

me sorting the letters and cards during Christmas 2007

Ehe..i've got this warning letter during my 1st week
working at Derriford Hospital ;p

One of the beds at the Wildgoose Ward.
very high tech and comfy i know.hu..

One ward can take up to 8-10 beds

with sashi's fren, (i'm not sure what's his name ;p)

Lake, baru kenal die 1bulan lpas.a good driver.heh ;p

This is Maria, die sgt syg kat sye.
When i told her i wanted to leave work, she looked at me direct
into my eyes..i can see d sadness there..and then she told me not to leave work..
she keep asking whether i'll be coming back or not..
and then she hugged me tight, grateful that she knows me..
and then everytime i went to Derriford Hospital to visit her,
she will grins to her ears when she saw me.hehe..
love u too Maria :)

this is Bugi. She's a Polish. Met her when i was still in OPD department.
Know her becoz although she's working in the department
next to me, she's always come to the OPD to steal
our stocks. Yes i said steal coz she didn't ask for our permission!
And then when i caught her stealing she would make this 10p face and
tell me that " oh..im sorry hani, but i really2 need this..please hani..
just one..i need this..etc2.."
haha..saba je la.sye ni x reti nak say no.but she's baek..she's married
and she has a dog which she loves very2 much (bawak dr Poland tuh). siap snggup drive blk
Poland dr nek flight sbb smate2 x nk tggalkan anjing die.
and she's funny..suke wat loyar buruk n bully me! oh..

and this is Sashi, my gossip mate and colleague.hehe..she's 24 years old and like
a sister to me..we always share everything together. Sometimes i would sit with her for hours
to do some catch up with her (after work usually).She's a Nepalian and celebrate Depavali.
hheeh..i know she looks like a chinese kan? :) she's very friendly and talkative
and funny! Lots of guys tried to approach her but i dont know why,
she would gve me lots and lots of reasons why she still don't hve a bf. haha
macam2 la. then i told her, i can't wait to see who r u going to marry.
haha.and her favourite phrase is "Life is hard hani". haha. but yes,
im very comfortable with her, what more we share the same passion
for shopping :)

This is Sandra or Sandy, the housekeeper that i've been working
with since i changed to Weekend. at first my impressions of her are that
she's very quite, only talk when i asked her, very strict, she once warning me
that gonna check whether i do it right after she done her work, and
quite skema.hihi..seb bek la die ni jnis tidy. kemas je sme bnde kt dpur tuh.
but towards the end she's become friendlier and will greet me every morning
and ask me if im alright ect..so i though maybe mule2 je kot die strict sbb xnk
i naek kepala.haha..she's nice..siap kasi coklat n kad mse i nk benti keje.
hu..trharu plak T_T

i've got a chocolate box and a card
from my housekeeper, Sandy ;)

Begitulah ceritanya..i x smpat nk bgambar ngn Manuella, my dearest Portugese mommy coz i didn't see her that time. hm, anyway, doing this job, it opens up my eyes about the life of the people who have been working this job all their life. People's perceptions on them, what they are doing, what they are thinking, how hard it is for them to earn money for a living, their problems, their life..everything which i have never thought before or always took for granted..they've taught me to be strong, to be humble, to be grateful with what i have, to be more particular and sensitive, and to be more hardworking..once in the bus to the City Centre, i was having a conversation with bugi and told her that she should have some rest and should not be working 7days a week. then she told me that she has to work, it is not that she wanted to, but she has to..she told me that she wanted to buy a new watch, but she didn't have an money..she has to pay the house rent, utilities bills, etc.. and if she's not working she wouldn't have the money..she's almost cried when she told me this, and i was like oh..nk menangis jugak rasa..yela, kte ni ade duit duk spend je kt bende ntah ape2..x pnah fkir dr mane, susah mana nk gain duet tu. mereka ni terpakse keje susah payah sbb nk cari duit utk teruskan hidup..itu pun ntah cukup ntah tidak..

hm..itulah, sometimes bila rezeki kita murah, kte kne slalu remind dri kte...igt kt org2 yg lbih susah dr kte..for me i believe that rezeki tu comes from Allah. Ada rezeki ada la, xde xpe..ade hikmahnye..we shouldn't be jealous or feel unsatisfied when others get more rezeki than us..instead we should be grateful coz one of the tests that comes from allah comes through our rezeki..Allah nk test kte kte buat ape dgn rzeki tu..this is what i've learned la this year..byk bnde jadi until i cme up to this conclusion..it mkes me realizes..when we are full, they are still others who have to fast everyday just because they didnt have any food to eat..when we complains why do we have to sleep on the hard mattress, we forgot that there are still others who have to sleep on the dusty ground without any blankets at night..we forgot all these things because we have take everything that we have got for granted..we have never though about others and become selfish without ourselves being aware that we are..its a shame and sad fact to admit..from this moment, i hve told myself that i wanted to try to look at the world from other's point of views..i wanted to feel what it looks like to be in other's shoes..n i hve told myself to be grateful for what i have..coz when im considered myself unlucky, there's always be someone else who's more unlucky than us..but i won't take it as a point for me not to try harder in everything i do, i will try harder n not easily give up to fate..boleh x? hu..am i a fighter? hu.. ;p



botolbiru said...

i'm so jelous of sashi
u got a shopping partner already

saje uat2 sedih tp mmg sedih pon =)

thanx for the songs too
a great help for me

luv u n mis u

Asyraf M. A. said...

Sashi reminds you of a chinese? Well, i think everyone'll probably do that too. Including me. Like there's this girl in our lecture last trimester. She totally looks like average asian (chinese, vietnamese or etc) but she actually hails from tahiti islands and her first language language is french! And she doesn't speak any chinese.

hunny said...

oh janganlah sdey hazie..u'll always b in my heart darl~ :D

usherr!! hai!!
do u hve blog?

Alice said...

kak hani..

maria sangat rindu dgn kak hani. kadang2 terpanggil nad 'hani'. hihi.
semua orang cakap hi!

zatiMJ said...

kak hani. link ur blog to mine eh? Oh mamat tu nama die Lake ye? kalo xslh die Nepalian jgk kan? Nape dpt warning letter? wah takutnye. Zati dpt children's day beds department. Sblh wildgoose.

hunny said...

oh.warning letter tu sbb sye ponteng kje.ahha..da mntak cuti, tp x lepas,but ive alredi bought my tix n book msd kt london.so nak x nak i hve to go.skali dpt warning letter..n kne g diciplinary hearing...hahha cuak seyh ;p