Friday, 31 October 2008

poetic side of me

oh oh..this morning i've got an inspiration to write a poem..a lengthy one indeed..3 pages..yes, i don't believe it too..a special force drove me to write that poem..i don't know what it is..mngkin juga luahan hati..yg selama ini meronta2 mahu keluar dr hati nurani..but i could not post it's too personal..

And noticing how many ppl are reading my blog each days, it scares me more..the reason of why i'm writing my blog begins to dwell in my primary aim is not for others to read..what more to compete with others who get more readers than mine..but my sole reason for writing this blog is for me to express my feelings and thoughts..and share it with my beloved frens..those who know me well, know who i am..and how i am..

i am complicated and mysterious..don't try to understand me..just love me..

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