Thursday, 16 October 2008

first time

Bosannnyeee.......i wanted, no i need to do my reading, but i don't have d mood!! I've tried everyhthing, still... T_T. so i decided to write this instead.duh.

The first time i cooked my own rice
-er..darjah 5 kut..mak suh blaja masak sbb da besa.haha

first time to learn quran
-mase 5 years old..mak aji aja..

firtst time to have a laptop
-well, my first is 3 years ago.still using d same laptop =)

firtst time to be away from parents
-june 2002 kot. masa masuk mrsm dkat ytb.da la jauh.sebak je mse 1st day kena tinggal sana.wuu T_T.seb bek jiran sebelah katil je.hhe

first time to write a story
-tadika? kne buat autobiography? haha

first time to go clubbing
-er..blum pernah pegi

First time to fall in love
-oh.. 18years old ;)

First time to buy a boy something
-jap nk pkir..pnah ke ek..seryes x ingat bila! ;p

First time to be a middle person
-mase akhir form 2. i was d middle person utk smpaikan a love letter from my best fren who likes this guy. But she is to scared and shy to approach that guy she asked me instead.but at d same time she admitted to me that she's afraid that 'her' guy would have liked me instead.adoi!

first time to understand life
-akhir form 5 when my parents were away for Hajj n as the 2nd eldest, i have to take d responsibility to take care of my siblings..i have 3 under me..i have to cook, drive, clean, shop, everything la basically.baru sye tahu betapa penatnye jadi parents.. T_T.. but im grateful jugak coz i've learned lotsa things from that experience. sye berpeluang tingkatkan semua skills saye :)

my first best friend
-who is also my neighbour.i called her mimi if im not not sure wether she's a chinese/malay/mix, but she does look like a chinese+ malay.die putih2, rmbut cm cleopatra.ktorg sgt suke maen dolls same2 mse kecik2 dlu.die manje2..sye suke die sbb die baek..our favourite dolls are d one dlm balang plastik tu, yg ade kunci kene pulas tu.nnti da pulas doll tu akan nari2 pusing2.haha..kalo die ade satu, i'll ask my mom to buy one for me too ;) but then after 1 or 2 years kut, die pindah rumah...n we lost contact...xtau mne die skarang..

ok udah.bored.


afir said...

owh, i was asked to this tag as well... hehehe...belom buat lagi. malas

iso said...

ehem...sapekah jiran sblah katil knal je..hehe...bile blk msia hani? ke dh balik..kite grad dec ni iA..then blk msia iA..

hunny said...

intan!!! xtau plak awk bce blog kte.hehe...kte insyallah dec ni balik la.jom jumpe! ;D

hunny said...

haha..if u read carefully afir, i did choose n omit d questions which im not interested to answer.maleh ;p