Thursday, 24 June 2010

12 reasons why teaching is fun! =)

Because i love it when:-

1) My students que up to salam my hands everytime i finished my class with them and everytime they saw me :)

2) My students understand and remember what i taught them and apply their knowledge when i asked them questions ;)

3) They made my day by showing their eagerness to learn when i was down :)

4) They mispronounced words like 'tortoise' as TORTOIS, 'orang-utan' as ORANG HUTAN and 'curry puff' as KURI PUF ..hihi

5) They always like ALWAYS praising me every single day even if i have worn the same shoes/ baju for dozens of time. :)

6) My cute litte children always wanna hold my hands when they see me walking alone :)

7) They make me reflect on my teaching and motivate me how to make my T&L more interesting

8) Everyone want to help me carrying all my things to my table (even my handbag!) so i just lenggang.haha ;p

9) They reminded me about what im supposed to do next, or bout things that i forgot (im quite forgetful u know ;p)

10) They did surprising things innocently like a task that i gave to my yr 6 students. They are supposed to create as many new words as they can from the word PERCUSSIONIST and 1 of my students write the word EROTIC. omigee~~ did he/she even know the meanings of that word?? (i_i)" hho...

11) They are not scared to approach me to ask anything that they do not understand

12) They believe everything that i told them. haha! ;P

Saturday, 19 June 2010

There will always be another mountain

Life is a climb, but the view is great.