Saturday, 21 June 2008

::in memories::

Scrolling and browsing through hazie's blog reminding me of my old school days... the sweet and bitter memories will always remain in my mind as i grown up to be an adult (d gorgeous ones ;P) and facing the unthinkable possibilities that are waiting in front of my i post some of the pictures which i like most and hold a thousand stories inside them..just by looking at these pictures makes me recalls back those sweet moments that we shared and sorrow..thick and thin of life..everything that we had gone through..together.. =)

i miss all my frens dearie a every and each of them has scattered around this world..most of us no longer study at in d same class..same school..and live at d same we used to..everyone has lead their own life..pursuing their own goals and hope in life.. all of us have changed...for d better and for worst..who still in contact with some of them but the rest remain unknown..we've lost contact through the passing of seconds and years..but no matter what happen, i'll never forget each and every one of them..becoz thay are special in their own ways and have a special place in my heart..I wish every one of my dear friends will get what they wish in life and is leading a happy, bright, and blissful life in the right way of Islam..
I miss kamu...all ;/

..kat kg baru..miss..

..rakan2 di ipba..
Romeo & Juliet classmates in ytb.. and my ipba's friends..

..farhana, mir, ida, hani, nadiah, hazie, n meha
my highschool's dearies..

..our reunion after 3years of leaving school..
one utama

..our gathering in KL Central..

..Alin, Hani, Cassey, and Hema..
my best friends during primary school

..Wani and me..
my forever best friend again in klcc..

..farhana, intan, n hani..
during our graduation day mrsm kt

..mrsm kt..
graduation day

All in all, there are too many pictures to be uploaded yet i can't upload them all..but remember, i'll always love n miss you all..maybe i didn't say it, but i want u to know that i really am..for me, kata2 cinta are not cheap to be often said everyday..and i'll only say them when i mean them...and now i say.. saye sayang teman2 saye..thank you for coming into my life and teach me the valuable meaning of friendship..let us together keep our friendship strong and flourish ok? =) i love u.

You know you love me,


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