Tuesday, 22 July 2008


Alhamdulillah, i have managed to cover Cordoba, Sevilla, Madrid, and Granada which are all in Spain...after spending my first night of travelling sleeping at d airport (coz our flight early in d morn)..hu...take my advice my dear friends, DONT ever sleep at d airport if u have other options.hu..letih la..seb bek ade shower leh me take bathe before we took off to Spain d next day..hu...We're travelling by flight from London Gatwick to MAdrid, then we continue our trip by Eurorrail (by train). Everything went on smoothly but we just stayed at each places for a short moment. Almost like 'touch n go'. haha..why? becoz our train passes are only valid for 21days n we wanted to cover as much countries as we can! hihi...
But the journey was really2 hectic..n d weather! OMG, Spain and ITaly are very hot!! when we reached SPain, d weather was 39 degrees! Can u imagine that! It was lovely in UK with 17 degrees, suddenly we came to SPain and we were greeted by 39 degrees weather! haha...da la i byk bwk jacket la sweater la ape. i dunno what were i thinking when i was packing my clothes ;p there were lots to share n tell, but i don't have much time to share it here.maybe later i'll tell u guys when we meet face to face ok.hoho...but what i can say for now is i really enjoy travelling to other countries..meet lots of different people with their various cultures...n the experiences open up my eyes..n my heart...thank you Allah for giving me this chance...ok, gtg now, sye sgt rindu kamu sume..
you know you love me,

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