Friday, 11 July 2008


Last week i went to see Marry Poppins musical theatre at Royal Theatre Plymouth. It was full house!! haha..packed gle dgn bdak2 skolahnye, pakcik, makcik, atok, nenek, semua golongan ada! What can i say bout the theatre is it was AWESOME!! i love d dancing parts lots (especially d chimney one) chim chim chimney chim chim! hehe...n d supecaligrafilisticexfialidocious part. yes. dat is d longest words dat i has ever heard.haha..can u imagine all the actors and actresses were singing dat word repeatedly and quickly?? yes, i took me a while just to memorize d word, what's more to speak it quickly.hahha ;p i can't wait to watch Beauty and d Beast theatre this October!! hehe.. they are from Birmingham.hehe..looking forward *wink*wink* =)

With kak wani..

haha..romantik sket dlm gelap ;p


You know you love me,

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ainee said...

alahhhhhhh, jelesssssssssss.