Wednesday, 9 July 2008


Is my life a glass full?
Or half full?
Or half empty?
What's d difference anyway?
I dunno why suddenly i felt so empty...

I need to find the answer,
Of why i was born in this world,
And what's my purpose in life?
I don't want to live like a robot anymore,
Wakes up and do d same routine day by day,
What will i gain?
Who will get d benefits?
Why am i doing what i'm doing?
I dunno
I need to find the reason why...

Give me courage God,
Please show me d right path,
Light me with ur Nur,
Save me from this blindness,
Reserve me a place in ur heaven...
But i know i didn't deserve it after all..

How people wish to be place in heaven when all their actions reflect the otherwise.


taqeyyabella said...

It's a really greate rahmat of Allah that one begin to think about his/herself. Thousands people out there dont even care to think.

Ya, nothing on this universe made for nothing. Every single thing has its own purpose.

Adam (AS) the first human being was the last creature created. Why? Big question mark there.

Lets think why?

Looking forward to discuss about it.. huhuu ... ^__^

hunny said...

utk jd khalifah kt bumi? utk sembah allah? hm..kamu aja la sye...isk