Saturday, 12 July 2008

a brave one?

Some of my conversation with doc:-

Doc: Did they put u to sleep when they did the needle aspiration?
Me : Nope. They just put something to get the area numb.
Doc: So u watch everything that is done?
Me : Yeah.
Doc: *with disbelief eyes and face* you are very brave! O girl, u r very brave didn't u?
Me : *shrugged* *smile*

hu...another episode of my appointment with doc Q.Q


zeety said...


gud 4 u hani
ssh nk cr org brani cm ni..
nnt if i take u as my patient,senang la sbb x takut jarum..

hunny said...

hoho..sbb jarum itu okey kot..haha..xtahan tu mse tme aspiration tulah.sket banget T_T