Sunday, 13 July 2008

:hunny bee:::

I'm going away for 3weeks to expand my mind and enrich my experiences of this world. Doesn't feel like going. Traveling means no rice for 3weeks, sleepless nights r expected, n misunderstanding would undeniably occurred, no matter how hard u try to avoid it. phew~

But hey, traveling would also means= shopping! enjoy! lotsa photos! bond d friendship string =) hu..Gonna miss everyone since i won't be able to log on to d internet for 3weeks and can't call my family n beloved frens.. T_T Anyway guys, if u miss me, do call me or text me ya! And d most vital thing, let me know..coz i forgets easily..yeah..forgetful me.ok, miss you, love you, muahx!



SoFie NuR said...

selamat bercuti...
have a nice day..

hunny said...

thank u sofie! =)

taqeyyabella said...


Allah perintah kita berjalan dengan mata dan mata hati yang terbuka demi meraih hikmahnya..

Have a nice trip dear friend!