Tuesday, 9 December 2008

sick on raya haji

5.30pm in Plymouth

Christmas tree

Last sunday muna n i went to the Plymouth city centre for our second last shopping. Plymouth is getting freezing cold nowadays! Here's d photo taken when it was 5.30pm.yep, it's already dark in here. Monday which is our Raya Haji we celebrated it here, we went to the Solat Raya, then ate some nasi impit with kuah kcang n my lunch was laksa penang. All cooked by kak wani.hhehe.... ;p n on d nite we supposed to be working at Royal Mail, but i fell sick n can't make it to work. So i gulped down 2panadol actifast at 4.30pm n woke up at 9pm to discover that im feeling better. Then i filled in my empty stomach n did my laundry n then i play Pet Society in fb. hehe..(k.eni, i da reti mandi i now rumah i da besa! :D) ngee....yep, i've got nothing else to do except work, eat, sleep.all are doing verbs.haha ;p oh..my money is getting smaller in number T_T

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Ummu Solehah Muhammad said...

hani, 5.30pm kat sana dah gelap yea..? mcm dah mlm..