Thursday, 18 December 2008

bye bye plymouth

I'm leaving Plymouth soon. Soon all of us Marjonians will follow our own path of life and choose our own circle of friends. Some might remain, some might not. whatever their decision is, hopefully our strong bond of friendship can't never be shattered by some small matters or jokes. I really enjoyed all the moments we had together, the joy and sadness, the thick and thin of life here in UK. We've been through everything together on our own, we fight and we make up, we cry and we laugh, we share and we compete, we've always been there for each other. The life here in UK has really makes me stronger, more independent,aware of my true self and about others. It teaches me the meaning of life, money, friendship, sacrifice, and love. I will try to always remember these things and i'll never forget what we had together. Here i wanted to apologize to everyone especially my friends if i ever did hurt your feelings directly or indirectly, by actions or by words, im really an imperfect human living on unexpected world. From the deepest of my heart, again, im really sorry and thank you for everything. Your presence has really light up my dull life and i really treasured the moment we had together. I hope you all won't forget me and if anyone is planning to get married or something, do let me kno. i wanna come! :) I love you all. Cheers~


Najia said...

it'll be great to have u back babe! i'm glad ur experience there taught u to be a better person :-)

botolbiru said...

u nk balik msia dah.
i dh start missing u badly dah

hani dont be sad
i always be there for u,
so biler mahu kawen?

hunny said...

heheh..a'ah ater we meet ni bz sket.nnti i kne blk kg etc2 ok