Saturday, 11 December 2010

Pulau Aman, Kedah

Ok, few days back i went to Pulau Aman (the shooting location for 1000x cinta kt tv3 kul 6.30pm tiap2 hr tuh) with my family. mom la the one who was very excited and eager to go n my dad biase2 je... :p So off we went......

From tol juru, we took Batu Kawan exit, then we just followed the "Pulau Aman's jetty" signboard. It took us about 30mins to reach the jetty i guess. The boat fare for adult is just rm6 back n forth, and rm4 for children below 12years old. Pretty cheap right? :) yeah, because the boat ride was only 10 mins =p

Then, we we reach Pulau Aman, hm, it's quite a surprise coz the jetty there was really2 like the REAL fishing village. What i mean is, the place looked so original, without much trace of modern touch to it including the jetty. So, can u imagine? :)
Ok, let me help u a bit. Please scroll ur cursor down.

click down arrow.more.

Ok, see that island? That is what we called Pulau Aman
A very peaceful island indeed :)

Scroll down a bit more


Ok this one is the pathway to the island

on our way, i managed to take some pictures of the house there.
this is one of them.
ok liar. i only have this one pic =p
The boy was washing his own cloth after he took a bath. That was actually the real house.

Ok, here was where we had our mee udang. very delicious!
rm6 per plate with 4 BIG fresh prawns!! :)

can u see the prawns?? hehe..quite spicy tho :)
but im okay with it.

look at the size of the prawns!!
my palm size to be sure for real!!
yeah, they sell this! :)

udang kara if im not mistaken
susah nk makan sbb the shell is very hard said my tok

crabs pun adaaa~~

view at the back of the island. phew. water.

hah. ni la chalet tmpt shooting tuh. hu...

ok lah. enough said. xbest lah the island. blum dibangunkan lg as pusat pelancongan
but those who love nature i think u shud pay a visit with ur dslr :)

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gagak_putih said...

salam...juz 'tersinggah' kat sini...then i read your blog about the Pulau Aman...sorry to say but Pulau Aman is located in Penang, not Kedah...sebagai org Penang, rasa cam tak sedap skit la coz i always go there for fishing...juz nak bagitau tue ja...sorry to comment here...