Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Happy Birthday =)

I haven't write for quite some time I guess..Well, the internet connection is not so good here.It's very slow at certain times.And that deters me from writing in my

Ok, not to brag, but honestly, I receive at least 5 proposals to be 'more-than-a-friend' or 'can-I-know-u-better' or 'lets-get-into-a-more-serious-relationship' kind of offers each year. And it has been going on since couple of years back. Is that a sign that I'm too OLD now? Sometimes I can't help but to feel a bit sad when people called me 'Puan' instead of 'Cik' when I went to buy something. Why am I sad? Because I'm not a 'Puan' yet!! 
Really?Do I look old? =,(

To those who have offered me to be 'more-than-friends' proposals..I'm really2 sorry that I have turned you guys down.. It's not that you are not good enough for me or what, it's just because I have already got someone special..I can't get attached to 2 guys at a time can I? No, it will be cruel and will be unfair to you guys..

And seriously, I have no problems if you guys just wanna be friend with me. I am fine with that and welcome that coz I know not everyone who wanted to get to know me actually want to be my 'real' friend. Once they knew that I'm not single anymore, pufff, they're gone. Just like that. Aren't friends mean 'don't care who you are and always be there for you' and 'through ups and downs'? Really, your actions shows your level of sincerity of becoming 'my friend'...

And again, I'm sorry for having you guys misunderstood my actions or my words..if there's any..You guys are great n will always be to someone who is lucky enough to have you..And I guess I've found mine..7 years that time, I didn't even know I will be his someday, but is blind...haha ;p

If anyone of you see him, you must have thought that he's not that handsome, not that rich, not that tough, not that smart, not that educated, not deserve to have me, how I can fall in love with him and etc2 but for me, he is perfect.. He is what I am not. He's the most loving, caring, faithful, humble, and passionate guy I have ever known after my dad.. And his actions always make me fall in love with him again and again..many times with the same guy.. =)

I hope, and really hope that I've made the right decision when I chose him to be my other half.. to spend the rest of my life with him, to give all my love and all that I have when I say 'I do' to live and lead a happy and contented life together till heaven..But yeah, all we can do are plan and pray and He is the one who will decides the rest..

"O, please Allah, if he is the right guy for me, the one who You have chosen for me to guide me in the right path, please bind our hearts together with love and happiness in the light of your blessings.. bless us with filial children, pink of health, and bounty of wealth to help others..make our decisions and actions easier..O, Allah,You are the one in the know..from You I ask and from You I repent.."
Aaammeennn, ya rabbal 'alaminn...

Happy 25th birthday
I ♥ you always..

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zarul said...

tq dear...
smoge Allah permudahkan urusan kite^^