Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Malaysia International Dive Expo (MIDE) July 2009

The triple H girls' day out. cheh,xde lah day out sgt.hehe...hani,hana,hazie, how cute we are right? ;p Basically the exhibition was held for those whore are divers OR interested to become a diver like the three of us.hehe.. ;D

There were lots of discounts offered to those who are interested to dive around Asia such as at Redang, Perhentian, Alu-alu island, Mabul Island, and many more. You name it, they have it. haha..I went there to accompany hazie actually, she's such a water baby ;) It's so funny when we went from 1 booth to another, the 1st question they will ask us is 'Are you a diver?' hahhaha! The three of us would just laugh at that question since none of us is a diver.Lol.

We met Amir (1 of hazie's friend whom she met at Redang while on vacation) and he's a diver. Actually he works as one right hazie? ;) so cool kan!! I wish i were a diver too so that i can collect all the starfish and gold in the sea :) (yes,mata duitan di sini $$$$ kacing! $$$$)

Anyway, we planned to get our diving cert before we are married. Ecehh..cam soon je kan.haha..mahal mel.the cheapest is rm900. ni x masuk diving suit lagi.hu.. i wish i would have enough money to get my cert! mintak2, ada durian runtuh dr langit.aminn... :)

hazie with her croc's lucky draw voucher. u're so lucky that day girl :)

hana, hazie's sister

amir..haha sje je uplod his pix hazie ;p

were we quarreling hazie? ;p

3 of us with our free stuffs.haha

penyu agar2

wow! looks who's in that ball~haha

'newborn' hana.hehe

zorb ball ;p

wif dynas yey! :)

oh, credits to hazie n hana for the photos! :)


botolbiru said...

"Basically the exhibition was held for those whore are divers OR interested to become a diver like the three of us.hehe.. ;D"

since when nih u minat diving.hahah yes i berjaya pengaruh u.hahaha.

yeah die slalu join if ade event.kire active diver gak ler.i wish too i had that cert.nk jumpe underwater camera gak.hahahaha.
but best kan if u had a partner(bf/husband) who enjoy this too.so ade org lh sponsor separuh.

and yes we are cute. the triple H it is.heheh

SoFie NuR said...

dive...bestnyerrrr...i wanna be a diver too tapi ntah bila la ade mase nak amik lesen...

hunny said...

hazie: ecehe...minat mmg ade hazie, but u kno..hu..bestfren like me can't be ur partner ke hazie? amboi..nk laki je ek..leh swmmming pegang penyu same2 kan? hehee ;p

sofie: hehe..yeah now kan tgh cuti sofie.amekla!! i wish i had time & money! haha ;)

botolbiru said...

u're definitely can be my partner.
i prnh xnnk accept you ke?
hahah xkan.
i always open my arms and do stuff with u girlfriend