Thursday, 30 July 2009

Pink baby

Hihi..nk introduce my new mp3 jgak lah (br pas bce entry emy ;p)

My mp3 doesn't have a name like emy's coz i rili dun know what to name her. Yes, its a her coz she's in pink colour.haha..

this is my new it at the price of rm150 after got 'Zap' button which if u press it, it will play the chorus of the next 4 songs to allow u to choose ur fav song.It also has the 'bass' button to increase the beat of ur song. is included, and it is so light that u can hang it around ur neck without feeling anything =)

the colour options that are available..all except the orange one are nice i think :)

this is called the walkman mp3 player. very cool to use when u're doing ur exercise or sports activities.if u want to play it, just separate the earphones n put them it ur ears like this:-

then, to switch it off, just put the earphones back together like the picture shown before this.haha.but 1 thing that it lacks of, it doesnt have a radio. So this explains why i didn't buy this gadget instead ;p but cool stuff. u can download n save ur fav songs inside :)

The prices for the mp3s range from rm150+ until rm300. depends on how big the capacity of the player is. I didnt buy the mp4 because i used to have one and i find that it's very tedious to convert the video before i can play it in my mp4! it took ages to convert the video format n furthermore, i didnt watch movie much using the mp4. so why bother buying them? hhaha...if nk beli pon, i'll wait mp5 where i don't have to convert the video format. hehe :)


SoFie NuR said...

nak jugak...hihi

Kuntil Midon said...

Sebenarnya mp5 juga adalah sejenis submachine gun dan tak boleh nak isi movie walau macamana convert pun. :P

emywinchester said...

lawa!!! good choice, coz yg laen x bape nk stand out sgt. for me la... haha!

p/s - i dunno la why i think pink gadgets are so cool right now. haha

hunny said...

sofie: hehe..sila2 dapatkan di pasaran! terhangat di pasaran! hehe :p

emy: wahh...da minat pink skang! hehe..go emy go! hikhik ;p

midon: erk..haha..i sje2 je type mp5 tuh. xtau pon function nye ape.muahaha ;p