Tuesday, 6 October 2009


Tadaaa!! Introducing my new guppy fishes!! hehee....my second third pet so far (used to have rabbits and hamsters ;) ) hehe..I'm not that good with fish actually but i got the glassware from my student. So i thought like hey, why didn't i turn it into an aquarium? hehe..nice kan? =)oh.and i used mineral water to fill in the aquarium coz ipba's water like full of chlorine? Let's see if they survived then i can gradually change the water to tap water :D ngee~ haha..

So these are my new fishes!! I wanted to buy other colourful cute fishes like albino sharks and tiger catfish as well, but those kind of fishes need an oxygen tank to survive. well, i guess guppy for now that is ;)

And yes, i need suggestions for their names!! i've got 2 males and 2 females! hehe..Pliz pliz contribute some names for my fishes .hehe..


Oh, please pray they will have long life ;) =)


Ruhisha.S said...

1) Rafize
2) Angel
3) Lessy
4) Mr. Nibbles

Anonymous said...

Fish mana ade plural, cikgu?