Saturday, 3 October 2009

last day in school

My last day in sad T_T... i received lotsss of gifts from my students...thank you so much gonna miss you all dearly...

d gifts ;)

haha..i dpt bykk sgt stationery including stapler n pencil case.heheheh~ twu2 je bdak2 nieh ;p

2nd batch of gifts =D

the gifts includea gucci purse, a puma handbag, a batik scarf, a gong li's lipstick, notes, and many more lots of stuffs.thanks! ;)

the glassware that i received..some of them including this cute aquarium.hehe

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hunny said...

eh.alamak.sorry2.ter reject plak comment2 yg kamu2 sme tulis pasni.nk approve td tsilap tekan button.isk T_T ya ampun... T_T

ayie: kan..nak ke? bleh2..nyum2..hihi..

didie: hehe..rsenye la ;p

sofie: hehe..

dian: =)