Thursday, 18 March 2010

My life so far


aha...lame gle x update blog. Reason for this is because I'm lazy and don't have the urge of writing anything for anyone to read ;P haha...I've always wanted to you know, but sometimes lacking of time resulting me in 'monologue'ing to myself. Hahah...I'm doing fine really. It's school holidays and nothing can be better than a holiday! :)

Okeh, malas nk bebel banyak2. enjoy the pixs!

SPorts Day

 ok, i mse hr sukan kene duduk atas stage uruskan hadiah ok.isk isk :(

see..byak gel x medals? :P program book tu i yg wat.hahah :>

ok, ni la GB sek i..d lady yg pkai bju batik kt blakang tu my GPK 1..ckgu nzah..

ckgu hamzah & nawi. hoho

hihi..k.sal sgt bsemangat ye! go k.sal!! :D

the winning house yey!! :D

inilah antara tugas2 sye pde hr tu..isk..x dpt nk trun pdang sorak utk umah i!
tp kdang2 tu i slumber je trun dr stage tu g sorak kt pdang n duduk2 kt khemah umah
smpai MC kne guna mic announce i suh nek stage. lol! ;p

see.i even nk mnyibuk pra-sekolah punye sukan.hahah.cute la bdak2 nieh!! :D

haha..blemoih muka ;p

hihi :D

Tanjung Leman

upon the arrival of the queens~ haha ;p

wajib la snap pic bsame housemates ksyangan :)

 wee~~ & k.zai


sume org pura2 busy.haha ;p

the duyungs~ :D


hehe..As long as u have great companions around you, everything will turn out well :) Don't worry.

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