Wednesday, 27 October 2010

3 babies =)

Have i told you that we have 3 kittens waiting for us after the last Aidilfitri school holidays?
Well, There is. hihi..My first time of having what u called 'pets' actually ;)
I have never keen of having pets before as i never had my own pets
when i was little. So, cm x biasa kot. So i always dislike Nunen (the mother)
But, when Nunen gave birth to these 3 cute little kittens, i was like
"woowww..they're so adorable!! :D" plus, they are sooo cute,
clean, and harmless(ini penting so that die x ckar2 i) haha.

Soon, i've started learning that their paws are very2 soft+wet, n so do their nose,
they love watching what u're doing especially yg girls ble tgk i mekap2
or baca comel! Then, when i wear my pink
My Melody punya slipar rumah they will try to catch n bite my slipar coz ingt
tu bunny.haha.

And yg paling besstt....ble da penat, dorang akan dtg dekat2 kte as in kt peha utk tdo.
they all mesti nk org mnje2kan, usap2 kpale bru nk tdo.

(tp tu la, kene rajinnn!!! hurghhh)

3 siblings - Tompok, Tiger & Suri =)

Tiger when he was trying to climb on my leg
n tros tlelap ble dibelai~~ haha..comel betul. xsmpat nk pnjat ;)

Tiger (left) and Tompok (right)
They must sleep together~~ :)

kene buli ngn ckgu zaii~~~ hihi :)

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