Saturday, 23 October 2010

8 reasons Why i love paying a visit to the pre-school's class =)

1. Because the kids will wish me "Assalamualaikum, cikgu hani!!" as loud as they can when only my right foot is in their classroom, (even when i tried to sneak in few times because i don't want to disturb their lesson!) Amazing creatures!! They noticed me whenever i'm there! haha~ :)

2. Because then i can join in singing their nursery songs as loud as i can & dance with them without feeling embarassed to anyone around :)

3. Because before they went home, they will ask my permission to kiss my hands n my cheeks n hug me. Aaawww~~~ so sweettt~~ =)

4. Because i always love to hear their stories n reasons when i asked them something funny n keep on repeating asking them why? why? why? hahah! ;)

5. Because i will received love letters from them! like this one! aaww~~

6. Because everytime i went there, they will said something like this "Wahh..cantiknye cikgu hani!!", "Wahh, comelnye cku hani!!" smbil serbu dan cubit2 pipi sye.adeeiii~... hahah...then ble i tnye "ape yg cantik? biasa je lah..." they will reply something very cute like this " Stocking cikgu.." hahaha... i pkai skin socks je kot! comel betul mereka :)

7. Because every friday the boys will wear their baju melayu johor lengkap with smping n songkok!!! Owhh~~ sye mmg caer tgk laki pakai bju melayu xkesah la die ensem ke tak.hahaha :)

8. Because then i can see them smile, listen to their cute, honest chatters, n play with them ble ckgu zai xde~~ hehe...(bcause cgu zai garang, nnti kene marah kalo men2 mse blaja ;p)


Anonymous said...

sy nk jadi bdk2 kecik tuh!


hunny said...

hihi..dr!!! lamenye x dgr brite kamu~~ mtk no fon! ;)

nk jd bdak kecit tu ke? bleh2.....hihi

SoFie NuR said... cute...

Anonymous said...

haha,bz skit skng,kls kt u dh strt bz bljr n nk cari jodoh!
nk nom fon?biar betik!?


nn said...


hunny said...

haha...ala dr.bkn nk tepon pon..nk miskol je..hakhakhak ;p oo tgh bz cr jodoh rupenye..hihi..gudluck2 ;)

sweet kn k.nini? =)