Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Hatiku mulai bosan...

Penat menanti.
Yeah, sometimes i getting tired of waiting. Waiting for something that we have no idea what it is gonna be like, waiting for someone or something that we are'nt sure when they are going to come true, waiting for time to pass by, and waiting. It is really frustrating and upsetting. It makes us looks like a fool, like a wooden block waiting to become a Pinocchio, like a frog waiting to become a prince, and the saddest part is it makes us developed this hatred feelings in our heart and make us lost our hope and trust on them. Phew, yeah, and im tired of waiting. I might have change in the meantimes. Everyone would. and that's the scariest part. Sometimes i even imagining myself turning into somebody else because of this reason. Psycho, i kno. Haha.

But i think there's a reason behind all of this stuff. Perhaps Allah wanna teach us to be more patient, and put on more efforts? or perhaps we should reflect on ourselves first whether we are ready or not and stop putting blames on others. Yeah, as time pass by, i realized that i used to blame others for all the mishaps that were happening to me. Tak patut! I know, but i'm trying to change! and alhamdulillah, da boleh kot now. Like, who am i nk blame others? We should put aside our ego and accept that all the decisions that we've made actually come from within our own self! Maybe we did ask others' opinions about it, and they may have been given their suggestions, but when the outcomes didn't satisfy u, why should you blame them?? Common la, you ask them, and they give their views about it but the final decision was made by who? By we ourselves kan? So, nape nk blame others? Blame of your own foolness la! Geram betul la kalo jmpe org cmnih. Asyik nak salahkan org laen. X nak ngaku kesilapan sendiri. Saba je la.aih. Nauzubillahi min zaliq, kan da tbe2 jd marah plak nieh.aih. buang ke tepi.pergi jauh.syuh syuh.

But hey guys, we're only humans kan? Maybe we ourselves didn't realize that we are like that. So do tell me if im like that ya? tego je okay. Im fine with that. Im just xboley kena marah. Tego xpe.hihi ;P Im very scared if someone is mad at me.Even if they don't meant to, but when they talk to me with their 'high-pitch' volume i would automatically feeling so sad..coz i think they're mad at me.. and they don't like me..isk =( This happen when i called home last time, and I was talking to my dad, and i dunno why hr tuh his voice cm 'kuat'. Yeah, he was talking very loudly and i was like...omg..takot... (T_T) Tak jadi tros nk ckp ape yg sye mau.haha..Entah, maybe timing x btol kot. Die br balik keje sume. But aih. Takot la.. T_T. Okay, enough said.Membebel.

you know you love me,


taqeyyabella said...

While waiting... run to the something that -no doubt- will happen!!

Nice sharing..

hunny said...

x paham? run apekah?