Monday, 26 May 2008

How Music Describe My Life

I have been tagged by hazie! here's the game ..

1. Put your music player on shuffle.
2. Press forward for each question.
3. Use the song title as the answer. Even though it doesn’t make sense.
4. Tag 5 people.
5. Bold the questions. And with the answers, give your own comments on how it relates to the question

How are you feeling today?
Thank You For Loving Me-Bon Jovi
Er..yeah, i hope everyone or at least someone do missing me ;)

Will you get far in life?
I knew i love you-savage garden
haha..i think yes if i love someone and if he loves me back ;) *wink*wink*

How do your friends see you?
Kau sahabat Kau Teman-Hijjaz
lla!! I hope this is true! Kau shabat kau teman! hihi..i do hope my friends will regard me as their true fren..yes hazie, there's some nasyid song in my mp4 player.hihi

Will you get married?
everytime-Britney Spears
ahaha! don't get me wrong! i did follow the rules okay! marry everytime?? once would be enough.hoho

What is your best friend's theme song?
Love Song-Sarah Bareilles
bestfriend, is it true? hihi ;p

What is the story of your life?
Kenangan Terindah-Samsons
Wow! Terindah la sangat kan.haha..but yeah, i do take all my experiences here in UK as sweet memories to be kept forever..and along the way here, i do meet some people..very nice indeed..syukur dpt knal dorang..but u know, life is not always easy and indah..we do have some peristiwa pahit n sdey kan..well, dats life! ;)

What is high school like?
Puja Puji- Dendang anak
Err..i don't think i've got that much praises mase high school dlu. My friends do get a lot of praises tho. haha..i'm d quite type in high school and i rarely smile.Some regard me as sombong.haha..Sorry darl, penat lah senyum ;p

How can you get ahead in life?
Yes, i think i can get ahead in life by being special and unique in my own way.ain't it true? why do copycat? we must be brave and d most important thing is be ourselves! hehe

What is the best thing about your friends?
Maafkan-Rio Febrian
they are all forgiven. Maybe some may forgive but not forget but still, kemaafan dari kamu semua amat saye harapkan dan hargai. I know i do hurts their hearts a lot sometimes (when i'm really out of control). Maafkan saye ye kawan2..i'm not an angel without any flaw.. T_T

What is in store for this weekend?
Er..this is tough. Is my coming days gonna be tough? hard to

How is your life going?
When I fall in love-Celine Dion & Clive Griffin
Err..apesal la sume lagu2 nieh cm sgt la mengenai ngn idup saye? isk.Well,'s hard to say. Fall in love ke? hm..lets d time decide okay? no comment..

What song will they play at your funeral?
Have you ever been in love-Celine dion
aha..sdey la plak lagu ni kan. takpelah.okey je lgu ni pon wlpon sye amat mahu mereka bce ayat2 suci al-quran dr pasang lgu nih

Will you have a happy life?
Menanti Sebuah Jawapan-Padi
See! I told ya! lagu2 ini sgt memahami saye! Yes, im waiting for d answer! i don't know yet.ahaha

What do your friends really think of you?
haha..Hopefully. Saye tidak suka org pembohong.out of my list

Do people secretly lust after you?
Biarlah Rahsia-Siti Nurhaliza lagu said biarlah rahsia..haha., no comments..nk ckp pon takpe..jujur..ahaks ;p

How can I make myself happy?
Sephia-sheila on 7
yeah, by taking pictures of me.perhaps in sephia mode? haha

What should you do with your life?
Takbir-dendang anak kot
er...rindu mesia dgr takbir nie.. T_T.. nk suh saye balik ke? isk..

Will you ever have children?
Every man for himself-Hoobastank
er..haha..x paham sgt ape mksud nih.but yes, i want my own kids!! especially d small ones.mau cubit2.haha.comel2

Now i want to tag these 5 people:-
2) yo
3) farhana jabir
4) muna
5) open to anyone.haha

you know you love me,


botolbiru said...

ehem how do you know i want to ask about the nasyid song..hahaha
and YES i love the "LOVE SONG"
hahaha well the songs do reflect you well..
im off to kl right now..
anything msg me dear.

hunny said...

tau sangat awk nk tnye ape..before u bukak mulut i da tau u pkir ape.hihi ;p