Sunday, 25 May 2008

New blog!


hai guys! I've moved my blog here!! Just wanna try out different templates and breathe d new air =) So, how's my blog? hihi..I'll try to keep it simple and clean ;p Feel like baking. Maybe i'll bake some cake this afternoon. I'll post d picture if i succeed okay! da~

A slice for me

And the rest are to be given to my frens



Yes, these are the cakes that i baked this afternoon. There are 2 of them ;) Btw, tomorrow is my mom's birthday. Guess i baked this for her =) Happy Birthday Mom, tho i didn't say it, you kno i love you. And shahiid, i think tomorrow is ur birthday too rite? Happy Birthday =) God bless you always.

Till then, you know you love me,


botolbiru said...

i'm the first one
welcome welcome
huny.later i update ur link ek..
hunny i miss you
kenape ek?

hunny said...

hihi..yey!! okey.i think dat is because u love me lah darl. isn'n true? =)

kadclow said...


sejak biler awk baking?


hunny said...

hhee...sjak kt cni kot aktif sket.sbb duk umah sendri kan..hehe..nnti kte letak gmba byk2 lgi eh! ;)