Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Happy biRthday k.yuni!

It's kak yuni's birthday!! Happy 23rd birthday k.yuni!! :) here's some photos for you..hehe..i've baked a cheesecake for her and it was my first attempt. Alhamdulillah it was a success! hehe...n k.yuni herself cooked nasi kerabu for her birthday bash! ehe..(becoz it's her turn to cook that day ;p) actually we didn't plan to hve a birthday bash, but it was a last minute plan and kak yuni's real intention is as a token of thanks for afiq for bringing her baju rayas from

my first cheesecake a.k.a birthday cake k.yuni :)

birthday girl

a little decoration

happy birthday!!

pergi terawikh ye kawan2.. ;)

ehe..after terawikh da tuka bj kelawar ma.. ;p

till then,


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