Tuesday, 30 September 2008

memories of ramadhan

Okay guys, tomorrow is raya!! yey!! but sad coz it means the end of Ramadhan.. T_T semoga kita diberkati Allah s.w.t and diberi kesempatan untuk ketemu Ramadhan seterusnya.aminn...so, pertaining the topic here, i would like to post some memories that we've been through during this blessing month of Ramadhan...first thing first, the solat Terawikh..each and every night of Ramadhan we will gather in the Old Chapel (it's not a chapel, but dat is just its name ;) ) and pray the Isya' n terawikh prayer together..we only have 1 mosque here in Plymouth and it's quite far from our college and village..will took us almost 30 mins to reach the mosque..n due to the poority and our penniless condition, we couldn't afford to go to the mosque for terawikh prayer every night. Hence, we ourselves decided to perform the Terawikh prayer in our college compound instead..We booked the Old Chapel and the porter will unlock the door when it's Isya' time..Usually the prayer is conducted by Edzlam a.k.a imam ktorg a.k.a my classmate as well.ngee~ n sometimes Ariff, the imam junior..n sometimes the Master's guys from Sudan (i dunno d name) n sometimes by Muhammad, the guy from Syria, n Warid, who's also my classmate, n others yg mmg da ready utk kawen..haha (kalo pandai jd imam leh kawen la kan? ;p)

Sometimes, we went through times where the porter is new n he didn't unlock the door on time..so we have to wait ouside the Old Chapel clad in our 'telekungs' n shivering cold..yesh, it's very2 cold at night in Plymouth! saba je la...seb bek bulan cantik n bintang2 di langit pun bkerlipan~ hihi.. i love stars~ n after terawikh we usually take turn according to House number to prepare the Moreh..n then this one night one of us suggest that why didnt we take a photo utk kenangan2..Ramadhan last kat plymouth kan..so, ktorg ape lg..posing la! (hehe..esp. me la ;p) time ni guys da balik, so mmg ktorg conquer.haha..here goes the photo...

cari di mane saye! :)

Pastu ni plak gamba time Iftar anjuran bdak2 Syria...buat kt Private Dining Room (PDR) Marjon..dorg blanje semua ktorg yg 50 Malaysian students ni..alhamdulillah..rezeki jgn ditolak ;)

me in my new maxi dress from Zara..hehe
(malas nk iron bju sbenanye ;p)

in this pic faiz jd antu~ hehe

ni plak i br discovered gmba nie..gamba nie mse pas
kursus kawen kt Marjon ni..ye, ktorg da leh kawen! yey! hihi ;p

And then Faralee a.k.a mak buat Iftar..she's invited all the Cohort 3 students..she cooked ..(i've forgotten it's name!) n nasi goreng sardin..n ect2..ade popia goreng woo~ best! =D

the foods

the hungry ladies.ahaks ;p

photography session! yey!

5 continuous shots

the crazy guys

the lovely ladies~ ;p

gamba control ayu.haha

So, that's it.ya. some of our unforgetful memories during this 2008 Ramadhan...Hope you guys are having the same happiness and laughters too. c u.

lots of love,

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