Friday, 19 September 2008

i've been tagged!

I've been tagged! nad

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1) if im stress, i'll go cooking or baking. but mostly baking.baking somehow makes me feel relief..maybe because the results will make me smile and satisfied. happy bila bagi kawan2 makan n mereka kenyang =)

2)i off my hp when im sleeping especially at nite time..becoz i need my quality time. another reason is it's hard for me to get back to sleep once i was disturbed by a phone call/ msg etc2..haha,so when i couldn't sleep, i'll get bad mood.and when im moody, everyone will kene tempias2nye~ ;p sorry~

3)i cannot stand ppl who are messy..becoz i couldnt see room/ places yg bsepah2.. serabut n rse dirty sgt..rse cm nk kemas bcoz im a bit prfctionist jgak kot..i couldn't sit still until i finished everything and feel satisfy with it

4)if im in a middle of doing my assignment and then suddenly my brain shut down, i'll do laundy washing/ room cleaning/ self-grooming. ahhaha..i at least MUST do something so that i feel im not wasting my time doing nothing ;p sometimes, no, usually i like to make up and try out new style of make up..but i don't play dressing up.malas nk kemas balik baju masuk cupboard ;p but if im going out x slalu make up pon..ikut mood.haha.banyak kali jgak kantoi dgn k.yuni sbb die ktuk bilik.then tanye 'eh, hani mekap2 ni nk pegi mane2 ke?' hahahha ;p

5)i used to stuck my head in the freezer if i had a headache/ feeling hot. crazy eh? i've been doing that a lot. used our fridge in uk is really small n packed.i guess it won't fit my head nymore

6) im sulking a lot! kuat merajuk.aha.xtaulah kenapa sjak kecik lagi, igt dlu kalo tdo ptg mse kecik2, bgn2 tido stiap hari mesti nanges rengek2 kat mak.sbb lpas tu nnti mak bwk ktorg g taman jalan2..nek beskal..pastu yg best dpt coklat favourite dlu.xpon coklat duit syiling tu ke..xpon biskut yg kecik2 tu ade icing bunge kaler warne warni atas die.kalo lucky day, kdg2 dpt anak patung.hehe..kdg2 barbie doll, kdg2 patung yg tdo tutup mate tu, bgn bukak mate tu..ha..yg dalam balang plastik pon penah.kte kne pulas2 button die, nnti die nari2..kre cm yg musical tu la..hhehe..da besa2 ni xde la sume tu da still kuat mjuk.pntang kck hati skit.sme adk bradik sye pnah kne ngn sye.yg akak tu smpai kene blanje bende baru kt sye sbb sye majuk ngn die.haha.x ingt da ape bnde,tp tu la.smpai cmtu skali! ;p tp kalo pndai pjuk ok je..cpt lembut hati jgak sye ni..hehe..

7) lots of ppl think im cold..bcoz i do look cold from the outside..n jnis cool..sbb anything happen pon im still like je cm xde bnde blaku..haha..maybe im d one who don't wear my heart on my sleeves kot..maybe it's hard for me to show my true environment influences me a parents n fmly didnt really show their emotions either..maybe dats one of d reason as well..i grew up to be someone who's cold-hearted. OMG, x mau.. ;( tp tu la..org2 yg benar2 faham hani je tau cmne perasaan hani..most of d time i'll keep my problems close to my heart..not even a word escape from my mouth becoz i don't want to burden others with my problems..for me xpelah biar hani sorg je sdey, asalkan org laen semua happy.. ;)another reason is becoz im not the 'kepoh2' type..yg bende kecik pon nk cte, nk heboh..x payah la..nnti kang if i cerita byk pulak yg buat cerita..byk pulak gossip..xpsal2 bedose sye sbb menyebbkan rkan2 sebar it's very hard for me to trust ppl..but once i trust that person, that means i really trust them..i'll share everything with them..but sometimes trust doesn't come vice versa..sometimes i feel like im d one who trusted them so much to share everything, but they didn't trust me enough to share something..sdih sgt ble perasaan ini xpelah..kte x boleh paksa org..mungkin ada sebab kenapa die tak trusted me.. Q_Q

ok done. cabutan bertuah seterusnya are :-

hehe..yg len bukannye sye xnk tag, sye syang kamu.but i think i know u ni nk kenal lebih mendalam tentang rakan2 yg laen ini ;)sile ye kawan2! hehe..



THANN said...


Najia Abdul Razak said...

omg, ppl think im cold too! its bc nampak mcm xde perasaan je but ada! i just dont want to show it bc my family isnt into showing emotions sgt pun. ppl misunderstand us lol.
ok, im tagged! will do it :-)

hunny said...

hehe.. tulah najia.same la kite ;p

botolbiru said...

hurm hani, u think u know me better ker?hahahah but i guess you do..i'm very predictable person..btol x?

and when will u cook for me?