Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Praise to God the Almighty

Last week had been a rough week for me. that's why i didn't feel like posting anything on the blog. Hu..yeah..i had problems in managing my students' behaviour. One of my classes was extremely noisy and they didn't listen to me. I've tried to introduce this classroom rule whereby the students have to put up their hands and keep silent when i put up 1 hand. It works at first, but when it cme to group work, everything went haywire again. I had to use my loudest voice to manage the class which explains why i have sore throat now. ngee~ ;p

Furthermore, last week, im very scared if the students didnt like my lessons..didn't like me...im very scared of that. I know what matters is that i go and teach them, but how can u teach them if they do not listen to u or do not like you right? hu..that's why i mind..hu..

Therefore, i tried very hard during weekend to think of ways to encounter this problem and today, i managed to do so! hopefully! :) hihi..

it pleases me when we get something like this~ :)

oh, nama have to be kept confidential sorry~

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