Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Salam Ramadhan...

Hi and salam ramadhan to all..

It's holiday!! yabedabedooo~~~

Hihihi..to my working colleagues, please don't be jealous. I'm having my time off at home sweet home :D ngee~

Hihi...a week off yeay!! Sure im gonna miss my students but definitely not the lesson planss...haha...guess i have to start writing my LP so that i dun hve to squeeze my brain next week & the following week. hu..anyone has any idea on how to teach the topic 'Games'? hu...not my favourite topic tho.hu..anyways, suggestions n ideas are most welcomed ;)

Oh btw, i went to develop my photos (about 800 of them) bcoz i collected them since the last year kot..haha...then the akak asked me "why banyak sangat? Gamba kawen ke?" hihihihi.......... i was like....wattt...."eh, tak la..gmba jalan2.." hehe...isk, there goes my rm200 T_T

And today when i woke up, i've just discovered that im allergic to mussels n kerang²an. huh.there were like this small2 ruam all over my face. I've got it before, but then i didnt know it was bcoz of the mussels and kerang²an that i ate. Now i kno. hu...hopefully they'll be fine tomorrow :(

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SoFie NuR said...

happy ramadhan~~~
bestnye dia cuti...xpe2..leh relaxkan diri n rest...xpun leh gi shopping...hehehe..

take care of urself...