Tuesday, 1 September 2009


Wu...sdeynya kene tuka aja kelas laen.. T_T... it's just a month more to go...i dun wanna change my class...isk...

But i dun hve d power to say NO....they said the current timetable clashes with other teachers' timetable (rili??) isk... :(

I love my 5K...altho they're naughty...but still..they're adorable =')

I dun like moving class becoz that's means i have to get to know the students again, create the bonding again..hmm...

It's ok. I think i just have to go with the flow~ Pray for my success guys...


SangKunang said...

sabo je hani..
lagi ramai student hani lepas nih.

hunny said...

hoho..tdkan pert, 2nd time org msk kelas tu. alhamdulillah, dorang okay! yey!! ;)

hihi..sbb co-operating teacher da warning dorg suh behave. pastu org introduce classroom rules sume..heihi..

tp td ade sorang bdak nakal ni x dtg. hopefully he will be fine la next week. ho..

the students baek..sume nk blaja...cme tu lah.nakal sket.ske je cr gado ngn kwn2.sumtimes i hve to pgang tgn dorg xnak kasi dorg bgn p blawan kt blakang. hu..