Wednesday, 30 September 2009


Hu...I think it has been a long time since i was last blogging. Because im too busy with raya and other things! ;p I will upload the Raya story later with the pictures ;) Today i would like to write more on my practicum experiences.

Ho..yesterday was a hectic day for me n muna. Actually we're nominated for the 'cemerlang' or excellent for our practicum together with my other 2 friends from the same school...But due to some complicated, not-yet resolved matter, we get to know that 2 lecturers will be coming and observed us today..(i mean this morning..) Can u imagine that, we have to prepare everything like less in 1 day? The lesson plan, the teaching aids, the mental and physical preparation etc2... huhu..But really, since this week is our last week in the school, we have to accept to be observed n muna slept like at 2+am and woke up at 6am this morning.

I was so exhausted but i tried my best to teach today. I did a Literature lesson today, teaching the students about 'How the little kite learned to fly' poem. As usual, i was so nervous that i tend to be a bit stammered and i missed out some of the things that i planned to teach.haha..i forgot! honestly! I was so into the poem that i forgot what i was supposed to highlight after that step. huhu..(you really don't want to refer to your lesson plan during your lesson when there are 2 observers observing you at the back right? ;p)

Hahha..but there i go~ I think I was a bit dragging on my lesson but the lesson was OK...but im not really satisfied with my performance just now because i know i can do better. It just that things did not happen the way we planned it to be it's ok. After the observation i feel like a big rock has been removed from my shoulders. I feel so lega that i can relax now! For me, if there's a rezeki if i get the excellent, alhamdulillah praise to God the almighty but if not, that is fine..Because i know i've tried my best and i know that my students love my lesson..

Really, for me the most important thing is my more concern on them enjoying my lesson rather than trying to impress the lecturers. Furthermore, we have been teaching the students like for months and they know who we are and how we teach better than the lecturers who come and observe us once in a week not saying that i didnt value the lecturers' opinion, it is just that we can't really judge a person in 1 day right...that is why i did not give much attention to that..but still, i tried my best to impress my students because i wanted them to enjoy my lesson. ;) My students are my priority =)

I got a prank call from my students at 6pm today when i was sleeping. I thought she dialled the wrong number, then when i listen to her voice straightaway i recognize it was my student. haha! Gotcha! They called me for almost 3 times! And we talked..guess what, they said i deserved the excellent tittle because for them i'm their best teacher.. oohhh... T_T i was so touched with their words that i felt like crying.. T_T That was i wanted to hear all this while..i managed to capture the students' hearts. They really enjoyed my lessons! Im really pleased to hear that..and im glad! I have gone through lots of things during the practicum time..sweet and bitter experiences enterwined to mold me into who i am today..

I don't wanna leave them..................... i love my ='(


Aeesyah said...

Miss Hani... I love you so much! I don't want to leave you too.
I'm gonna miss you!!!!!!!! sobs sobs

Aisyah 5M...
internet name is Aeesyah.

karyabator said...

hani all the best for the rentasan. let the marjonians sweep the medal... huhuhu