Friday, 4 September 2009

Top 5 World's Happiest Cities

I you were sad, or even if i were sad, i wish i could go to these cities and experienced the atmosphere myself.

Top 5 World's Happiest Cities

1) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2)Sydney, Australia
3)Barcelona, Spain
4)Amsterdam, Netherlands
5)Melbourne, Australia

I've been to Barcelona and Amsterdam before and yes, i agree with the statement. Both cities are great!! I really enjoyed myself over there, I've found happiness and peace in both countries, honestly =)

You should go to Barca during Summer i tell you. It's heaven with all the beaches, cute handsome tanned lads everywhere, the entertainment...endless fun even at night. hihi..

(Summer 2007)break dance at La Rambla street, Barca.Cute boy. Ayah die hensem ok. And ayah die bkn yg pkai boxer merah tuh ;p

along the La Rambla street, there were lots of entertainers like this who act like they were statues..this is Edwards scissor hand ;)

the market. sgt lively and lots of tourists there! ;)

And for's simply a peaceful place to be..there's not a lot of cars in the town, but you can find LOTS of people riding bicycles in Amsterdam. Seriously yes. And that was my first time got 'honked' by a cyclist when i wanted to cross the road. haha..funny but hey, best!! :D They have their own diamonds too. I didn't have enough money to buy one during that time.. =( someday, insyallah..hihi..

Told ya ;p

hani & hannah in Amsterdam. Windmills behind us!! ;) OMG i look so chubby here ;p

one of the rivers in Amsterdam. I love the scenery fondly =)

For my honeymoon, (eceh... ;p) i wish i could go to these places:-
1)South Africa (to see the lions and elephants brani jek ;p )
2)Mexico/ Morocco (i wanna experience d culture & traditions)
3)Venice (i wanna ride d gondola wif my hubby.hihi)
4)Sitzerland (i wanna go to the highest mountain, Interlaken & other beautiful places in Swiss)
5)Amazon (i fell in love with Amazon after i watched Anaconda ;p)
6)Niagara Falls in US
7)All the 7 wonders of the world

hehe..a lot isn't? ;p xpe, x salah silap, berimpian ;) hehe..mane tau someday my dreams come true..i wanted to travel all around the world ;) aminn..

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SoFie NuR said...

waaaaahhh..banyaknye tempat yang hani nak pegi...hope sume jadi kenyataan..ameeeeennn...

me too wanna ride d gondola with my future hubby....hihi...mula la nak berangan ni...